Kanye West On Rob Kardashian’s Engagement: ‘I Love Rob, That’s All I Can Say’ While ‘Life Of Pablo’ Headed To Top Of Billboard Charts [Video]

Kanye West was full of “love” for Rob Kardashian when asked about his brother-in-law’s upcoming wedding. While strolling through Los Angeles International Airport, West was asked how he felt about Rob’s engagement, and Kanye had only sweet words for Kardashian, telling the paparazzi that “You know, Rob is my brother…I love Rob.”

West also cryptically answered the question with an ear-to-ear grin — and a cryptic statement. Kanye told reporters that “[y]ou know what? I haven’t been invited.” At the end of the discussion, West confessed “I just roll with it. I love Rob, that’s all I can say. I love Rob.” Kanye West is married to Rob’s sister, Kim Kardashian-West. Kanye also shares two children, North and Saint, with Kim.

During the trek through Los Angeles International Airport, West did not reveal where he was headed. According to E! News, Kanye will headline the Paradise International Music Festival in Manila, Philippines, on April 9, so it’s plausible he was headed to that event.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna started dating just three months ago, but announced their engagement to the world on Monday, April 4. According to Us Weekly, Rob proposed with a seven-carat diamond ring designed by his friend, Ben Baller.

The Kardashian family, despite a positive reaction from Kanye West, is reportedly angry over the engagement, although a second source revealed that they’re just concerned about the short time frame.

According to the insider, “the family has some concern due to how fast [Rob’s engagement] happened…But Rob has never been better, has never been more involved.” Rob, who has struggled with his weight and depression for several years, is now trying to work out consistently and eat right, largely because of encouragement from Blac Chyna.

While Kanye was nothing but smiles about the engagement news, mother-in-law Kris Jenner is reportedly furious at her son. “Kris is not happy,” an insider told Us Weekly, adding that “[d]ating Chyna is one thing, but marrying her is another.”

One reason Kanye West might have been so tight-lipped over news that Rob is engaged is because the family is trying to figure out how to handle the news in public. The insider revealed that the “whole family is discussing it,” adding that even though Kanye West offered smiles to the paparazzi over the news, his family “is angry” about the engagement.

However, they are talking to come up with a unified front for how to address it, which might be one reason why Kanye reacted with “that’s all I can say” when questioned about his brother-in-law. The insider confessed that the upcoming wedding is “a huge mistake” to the Kardashian family.

A source told E! News that Blac Chyna is already decided on her dress, explaining the model will wear two dresses, and both will be “statement pieces.” The wedding is rumored to take place in a “warm climate,” and Blac Chyna wants a big wedding. Even though Kanye claims he hasn’t been invited, the Kardashian family is very tight-knit, and West will probably be at the wedding.

Kanye West has also been in the news because his latest album, The Life Of Pablo, will likely debut in the number one slot on the Billboard charts. Despite promises that the album will be available as streaming only, West changed his mind.

Although it came out on February 13, Kanye West’s album has yet to chart since there’s no telling how much it was streamed. The Life Of Pablo has now been released in several avenues digitally, although Kanye West has yet to release it as a physical product.

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