Apollo Nida Smuggles Something Into Prison And Gets Caught, Now He’s Stuck In Maximum Security

Apollo Nida is now in maximum security prison. Reports state that Nida was caught in his cell with “contraband.” Now, he’s paying the price.

Until recently, Apollo Nida was deemed as exhibiting “good behavior” in prison. However, it seems that Nida won’t be in general population for a while. According to Radar Online, Apollo was taken from the aforementioned section of prison to the maximum security sector — which includes barbed wire fences and certain security protocols for all inmates’ visitors.

Prison officials seriously considered Apollo Nida’s offense and punished him accordingly. So, what did Apollo do? The source mentioned that Nida was caught in his cell with a mobile phone. He had been contacting friends and family outside of legal parameters.

So, according to Rolling Out, “Nida must spend the next 18 months of his sentence in the barbed wired maximum security section of the facility and that all visitors, including his young sons, Dylan and Ayden, must undergo a body search in order to visit him.”

Many people question how Apollo smuggled a cell phone into prison anyway. Rolling Out states that Nida’s soon-to-be ex-wife Phaedra Parks isn’t to blame for this circumstance. The source mentions that she has not been questioned in regards to the incident.

So, while serving his 8-year sentence, Apollo’s phone smuggling act got him some unwanted publicity. According to the source, it mentioned that Apollo Nida isn’t liked by the other inmates because he still acts like he’s a celebrity or reality TV star. Is that any difference from his likability on Real Housewives of Atlanta?

In prison — if you don’t have the aggression, muscle, or connections to backup such an egotistical persona — overbearing personalities can land you on the wrong side of inmate collectives. Corrections One notes a similar aspect of egotism. You have to manage it, or — eventually — it will be managed for you.

According to reports, Apollo Nida hasn’t quite found his happy medium. However, it appears he had found a friend in Joe Giudice. In Touch Weekly notes as follows.

“Apollo and Joe immediately hit it off because they obviously have so much in common. Having spouses on Bravo reality shows, both convicted of crimes, there was just an instant bond.”

The report also states that Nida took the initiative and showed Giudice the “prison” ropes, since Apollo’s already served a year. Although the two had never physically met before their prison acquaintance, Apollo and Joe hit it off. The source mentioned that Nida explained to Joe who to avoid and what job to obtain while serving his 41-month sentence.

This, of course, was before Nida got caught with his illegal cell phone. Since then, the source states that Joe Giudice has been keeping his ego in check. It states as follows.

“Joe was really upset because Apollo really felt like a brother. He doesn’t know how long Apollo will be in solitary for. Joe is just keeping his head down and keeping a very low profile.”

The source also notes that Apollo Nida’s new friend has received several visits from people other than his wife, Teresa. Apparently, she hasn’t been placed on the guest list yet and is still awaiting approval.

Nevertheless, some of Apollo and Phaedra’s friends are tired of hearing about their situations. Specifically, Kandi Burruss is one of those people. As Phaedra’s friend, Burruss disagreed with her taking them to the prison to see Apollo, says Enstars. In a recent interview, she was asked about her feelings toward the situation. Her response: “I don’t feel anything. I’m tired of being asked about it.”

What are your thoughts about Apollo Nida’s smuggling incident? Do you think he’ll get out of maximum security early? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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