‘Trove’ Developers Detail The Voxel Game’s First Expansion ‘Mantle Of Power’

An increased level cap, a new Gem System, additional Uber worlds, and much more are coming to the voxel game Trove. The adventure title from Trion Worlds is welcoming its first expansion later this month giving players a new way to play the MMO. Classes will be able to level past 20 all the way up to 30 while unlocking new Gem slots and abilities.

Each class in Trove can unlock new abilities when Mantle of Power releases by utilizing the new Gem System coming to the game. Empowered Gems unlock modifications to a character’s abilities. For example, a Shadow Hunter’s Empowered Gem is “Shadow Blitz” which lets the character’s basic attack constantly shoot arrows while pressed. When used on a marked enemy, this attack will emit area damage according to the official site. Additionally, Universal Empowered Gems can be used by any class and offer general boosts to a character. The “Pyrodisc” gem, for instance, lets players burst with fire damage when filling a foe.

“A Gem tab is being added to your character sheet (C) where you’ll add Gems and Empowered Gems to your classes. Each class has its own Gem sockets meaning you can use the Gems that suit each class best. When you reach character level 10 you’ll unlock your first set of three Gem slots, with others following at level 18, 24, and 28. Empowered Gem sockets unlock at character levels 21, 26, and 30. Gems add stats and Power Rank, and Empowered Gems further add additional gameplay effects.”

The Mantle of Power logo [Image via Trion Worlds]
Players will be able to take their newly leveled characters through four new elemental Adventure Worlds and three new Uber level worlds when Mantle of Power launches. The new elemental worlds are the perfect place to pick up new specific elemental gems for every character’s unique gem needs. After all, each gem type provides different bonuses when equipped on a character.

Trove players can check out the tentative patch notes for the Mantle of Power expansion right now. The content is currently on the public test server and players can preview the upcoming changes by testing on the server. The patch notes includes information on three new dragons coming to the game, individual class changes, overall experience changes, and much more. For instance, each one of the new dragons offer different boosts to specific gems in the new Gem System. Miscellaneous changes include a new lava ship that can be crafted, Marketplace improvements, and much more. Check out the public test server patch notes for Mantle of Power via the game’s official forums.

A Boomeranger with Lesser Dragon Caches [Image via Trion Worlds]
Although Mantle of Power is a free expansion, players can essentially pre-order an expansion pack now for early access and other goodies. Until April 25, Trove players can pick up a Mantle of Power Edition Packs for 25 percent off their normal price before the expansion launches for free on April 26. According to the Steam Community page, three expansion edition packs are available granting early access to Mantle of Power starting on April 19. Each pack contains a variety of Gem Boxes, Gem Booster Boxes, and other boosters. The most expensive pack, discounted at $75, includes a new Stellar aura.

Trove players are likely accustomed to big changes like these considering the way dragon ascension changed just months ago. As the Inquisitr reported, all dragon ascensions now take a large amount of Dragon Coins rather than individual souls specific to each dragon. Players must still complete as many hourly challenges as possible to fund dragon ascension, and dragon releases seem to be releasing at a rapid rate. To stay as strong as possible, players must collect a wealth of Dragon Coins to ascend each dragon for passive power, Mastery points, and other bonuses. All in all, many players feel left behind due to seemingly overwhelming goals.

The Mantle of Power expansion will definitely give players a new form of progression for a while, though. The days of unlocking classes for free and earning Mastery that way are over in Trove. Luckily, these new levels and other features of the expansion will give players a way to earn more Mastery for classes they already own.

[Image via Trion Worlds]

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