NFL Rumors: Greg Hardy Upset Oakland Raiders Signed Aldon Smith

NFL rumors are swirling around Greg Hardy. The controversial defensive end has been waiting impatiently during free agency for another chance to play in the National Football League. The Dallas Cowboys have already moved on from Hardy. Aldon Smith is another controversial defensive end. He recently signed a new contract with the Oakland Raiders. According to Fox Sports, that turn of event does not sit well with Hardy. He wants the same chance that Smith has received.

Prior to this previous season, there were already several NFL teams that wanted nothing to do with Greg Hardy. The domestic abuse incidents were something that public relations departments across the National Football League wanted badly to avoid. Many didn’t want to alienate their fan base. A lot of people feel that Hardy is in the wrong. They don’t want a player like that on their team. It doesn’t matter if he can produce sacks.

Oakland Raiders defensive end Aldon Smith
Aldon Smith [Photo by Thearon W Henderson/Getty Images]
The Dallas Cowboys were the only team in the NFL that gave Greg Hardy a chance last season. They were pretty desperate for a pass rush in what was supposed to have been a season where they competed for a spot in Super Bowl. Hardy was a solid player. The Cowboys were hoping for spectacular. Dallas wanted the game changer that Hardy was when he was playing for the Carolina Panthers. That’s why they took the risk.

Solid players are coveted by NFL teams. They’re harder to come by than fans think. Greg Hardy was indeed solid for the Dallas Cowboys last season. His value, though, was downgraded because of the trouble that he caused. Hardy got into it with Dez Bryant on the sidelines. He got into it with the coaching staff. Hardy also couldn’t help but post controversial comments through social media. The negatives off the field took away from the positives on it.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones [Photo by Michael Adamucci/Getty Images]
Aldon Smith was quite the headache for the San Francisco 49ers. On the field, he was one of the best players in the NFL. Smith was a disruptive and fierce pass rusher. Off the field, he could not avoid the police. Alcohol seemed more of a passion than football. The Niners kept giving Smith chance after chance. Their loyalty was not rewarded. San Francisco eventually had to give up on Smith.

The Oakland Raiders took a chance on Aldon Smith. It was a great way to stick it to their Bay Area rival. Plus, Smith could help their pass rush. The Raiders lucked out. Smith stayed out of trouble. He also produced on the field. Things were great until the NFL suspended Smith. Oakland still believed in Aldon. They were willing to wait through the suspension. That’s why they signed Smith to a two-year deal.

Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis
Mark Davis [Photo by Jason O Watson/Getty Images]
Aldon Smith is in a great situation with the Oakland Raiders. The team believes in him. They’re also building a Super Bowl contender. Derek Carr, Amari Cooper, and Khalil Mack are a great foundation. Bruce Irvin, Kelechi Osemele, Sean Smith, and Reggie Nelson will make the Raiders even better. It makes sense for Aldon to stay with a team that can dominate the NFL soon. The success can bring a financial windfall down the road for Smith.

Greg Hardy resents Aldon Smith. He’s not capable of looking beyond himself. Hardy badly wants an NFL team to give him a chance as well. He needs to realize that Smith received that chance because he behaved himself. Aldon avoided the headlines. He focused on football. Hardy needs time do the same thing. The National Football League might not believe that Greg can do that. His last chance might have been with the Dallas Cowboys.

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