Gov. Rick Scott Makes Attack Ad Just For Woman Who Embarrassed Him At Starbucks

If you’ve been poking around the internet this week, you may have stumbled across a viral video showing a woman at a Starbucks shouting at Governor Rick Scott for cutting Medicaid and being a general “embarrassment” to the state of Florida. Whether you agree with what the woman said or not, it’s hard to deny that Gov. Rick Scott was affected by the ordeal.

You can see the full video of Rick Scott getting shouted out of Starbucks below, titled “Governor Scott gets an earful.”

According to the Sun Sentinel, the woman in the video is Cara Jennings, a former Lake Worth city commissioner, and her tirade against Rick Scott has been viewed more than million times.

Apparently, this Starbucks incident made enough of an impression on Rick Scott that he decided to respond with an attack ad personalized to Cara Jennings. The ad is called “Latte Liberal Gets an Earful” and it was uploaded to Rick Scott’s official YouTube channel, “Let’s Get to Work.”

In the personalized attack ad, Rick Scott’s administration identified Jennings as a former government official who once refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and is now a “self-proclaimed anarchist.” When Jennings accuses Rick Scott of failing to produce jobs by saying “who here has a great job?” the attack ad responds with:

“Well, almost everybody. Except those who are sitting around coffee shops demanding public assistance, surfing the internet and cursing at customers who come in.”

However, Jennings wrote a letter to Rick Scott’s office claiming she actually was working at the Starbucks, doing a freelance job for the Service Employees International Union. She also isn’t currently using Government assistance, despite her original claim that “some of us depend on those.”

“Gov. Scott and his PAC are bullies,” said Jennings. “Instead of addressing the issues I brought up he’s using the power of his PAC to try to intimidate someone who spoke out against his policies. A lot of people in their life fall into a gap of work. They need to be on public assistance, and they shouldn’t be admonished for that.”

Cara Jennings shouts at Rick Scott in Starbucks. (Photo via YouTube)

While it might be true that Rick Scott doesn’t actively support government support programs, Politifact does support his attack ad’s claim that he produced many jobs in Florida since he took office. He hasn’t quite reached the “million jobs” he boasted in the original Starbucks video, but somewhere around 984,500 new jobs have emerged in Florida over the past five years.

But the “latte liberal” Cara Jennings has a lot of other issues with Rick Scott’s time as governor, according to the Orlando Sentinel. She says she would like to meet with Rick Scott to discuss his failure to support Planned Parenthood or increase the minimum wage, as well as his failure to acknowledge climate change and resolve deaths in the state’s prisons.

“I feel that it is important for two Floridians to be able to sit down and discuss civilly what is harming working families and the environment in our state,” said Jennings.

However, since Rick Scott released the personalized attack ad, Jennings realizes, ” I guess this means that he doesn’t want to meet me for coffee.”

Rick Scott. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

He may not want to meet with Jennings, but Gov. Rick Scott will not forget her any time soon. He mentioned the “latte liberal” at a recent appearance in Boca Raton, saying Cara Jennings, was not exactly “somebody you could talk to.”

Who do you side with? Was Jennings right to shout at Gov. Rick Scott at Starbucks? If not, was it smart to make an attack ad against a single Florida citizen, or was it petty?

(Photos via YouTube and Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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