‘Marvel Heroes’ Now Includes Playable Elektra, Improved Cosmic Midtown Manhattan

Although Elektra has been in Marvel Heroes for quite some time, the character was always a villain players had to take out alongside Wilson Fisk and Bullseye. Today, the assassin takes her place among the ever-growing list of playable heroes in the action RPG alongside 56 others currently on the roster. Players can unlock her now to master her Staff and Sai, Ninja Weaponry, and Hand Ninja power trees.

In Marvel Heroes, Elektra utilizes Stamina instead of Spirit to fuel her attacks. With an emphasis on marking enemies for death, Elektra is ready to dispatch any foe in her way. The fighter’s melee prowess is displayed expertly in her Staff and Sai tree where players can find her Signature power Not Even the Stars. After hitting level 30, players can activate this power to become invulnerable, automatically mark all Elites and Bosses, and deal massive damage in a large area.

Marvel Heroes
Elektra’s default costume in Marvel Heroes [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]
In her Ninja Weaponry tree, Elektra does access some ranged abilities, including a poison blow dart, thrown blades, and even blades attached to chains. Although players are free to specialize in one or the other, it is completely possible to mix melee and ranged damage for a versatile play style. Finally, the Hand Ninja tree in Marvel Heroes gives Elektra power passive abilities in addition to the Silent Scream ability and the ability At My Bidding which can be specialized to summon special Chaste allies. More information on the character’s background can be found on the official site.

“From a young age, Elektra Natchios trained in the martial arts well into her adulthood. But when Elektra’s farther—a Greek Ambassador—was killed in a terrorist abduction gone horribly wrong, she was convinced that the law had failed her. She then traveled afar to Japan to perfect her combat skills; taking matters into her own hands. Taught by both the ancient Chaste order and notorious Hand organization, she would later return home as an infamous assassin at the top of her game.”

Enthusiastic Elektra players can also pick up her first alternate costume from the in-game store right now. Her first costume is inspired by Marvel’s Daredevil show on Netflix. Without spoiling too much, fans of the show will recognize the suit from late in the second season. As The Inquisitr reported, Marvel Heroes recently celebrated the Netflix show with a Daredevil event as well as adding optional costumes for the playable Daredevil and Punisher also inspired by the show. All of Marvel’s Daredevil costumes are available right now for 950 Gs each, a little less than $10.

Marvel Heroes
Elektra and a visual of her comic inspiration [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]
Moreover, Chase and Variant Costumes are back on sale in the store. These costumes are not always available in the store, so players will need to pick one up now before they temporarily leave the store again. Chase costumes are available for more heroes than Variant costumes. However, Variant costumes come with a special emote and a Variant Costume VFX which can be toggled on and off.

The Marvel Heroes update today also includes a major overhaul to the Cosmic Midtown Manhattan Patrol zone. Players familiar with Cosmic Hightown will recognize the way loot is distributed in Midtown now. Fewer items will drop on the ground but the items dropped will be of higher quality. For instance, lower level Artifacts have been removed from boss loot tables in the mode making more coveted Artifacts likely to drop instead. An official forum post has a list of all the new Midtown changes for those looking for more information. The first Danger Room tournament is now live, and all boss-specific unique items can now drop off of any boss.

[Image via Gazillion Entertainment]

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