Is Jill Dillard Pregnant? New Photos Show Jill In Central America As Family Takes Zika Virus Precautions

Rumors have been swirling that Jill Dillard may be expecting the couple’s second child. Images posted at Easter sparked rumors as an image posted by Derick Dillard seemed strategically cropped to keep Jill’s midsection out of the view of Duggar fans. However, new photos posted by the family from Central America show full body images of the Duggar daughter. Does Jill Dillard have a baby bump in the new photos? Take a look for yourself.

Derick Dillard posted an Easter image to his official Instagram account which sparked rumors that the couple may be expecting a second child. The image showed Derick holding son Israel, as Jill stood next to him. Many fans quickly pointed out that the photo seemed cropped purposefully just below Jill’s bust to hide a potential baby bump. Some even claimed that the top Jill was wearing in the photo was a maternity piece.

The post came shortly after Derick posted an image of himself shopping at a Walmart in Central America for bug spray telling fans he was taking “precautions” for Zika virus. Many fans then asked Derick if Jill was expecting, as only pregnant mothers were at risk of dangers from the virus.

While many pointed out that only pregnant women need to be concerned with the Zika virus, so Derick’s post about Zika precautions is indicative of Jill being pregnant, but that isn’t entirely true. The CDC notes that men can pass the Zika virus to their sexual partners and that women of childbearing age should take precautions as they could be exposed to the virus prior to conception.

The couple never responded directly to the rumors or Zika virus comments. Instead the pair seemed to drop out of the social media sphere remaining unusually quiet on all their social media accounts. In fact, the couple even remained off of Instagram and Twitter on son Israel’s first birthday, which is out-of-character for the typically social media active family. Though Jill and Derick didn’t comment on the birthday, via their Instagram or Twitter pages, the couple did use their personal blog to update fans on Israel’s birthday celebrations while presenting a birthday message on YouTube.

As part of the birthday celebrations, family photos were included which show full body shots of Jill. In the photos, Jill appears slimmer than normal and there is no baby bump in sight. Therefore, it seems that if Jill is pregnant she is staying in shape and may be very early in pregnancy.

In the birthday blog post, Derick and Jill write a special letter to Israel discussing this special time in his life and what they hope for him in the future.

“Israel David, mommy and daddy love you so much! Your name means, ‘God will Prevail’ and ‘Beloved of God.’ Just as the children of Israel are the apple of God’s eye, so you are the apple of our eye. A year ago today we held you for the first time and thanked God for giving us you! We pray you will come to know Jesus at an early age and follow him all the days of your life!”

With the new photos seemingly putting the pregnancy rumors to rest, at least temporarily, do you think the Dillards are likely taking the Zika virus precautions and recommendations seriously by taking measures to prevent pregnancy while the risk of Zika is still high? While the Duggar family is outspoken about their beliefs on birth control, do you think natural family planning may be something the Duggars, including Jill, would consider, given the situation in Central America regarding the dangers associated with pregnancy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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