‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans Drama: Nathan Griffith Released Court Documents To Prove That The Troubled Reality TV Star Is Unstable And Unfit

It’s been a hard year for Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith as they fought it out in a court custody battle. In the heat of a long battle in court, the baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, made a shocking accusation about his former fiancée — the troubled reality television star tried to kill herself last year after they ended their engagement. And what’s even more shocking is that Nathan used this upsetting piece of information to try to look like the better parent to the court.

Radar Online reported that Nathan revealed that Jenelle is not as stable as she initially claimed. Nathan claimed, and reportedly had documentation to prove, that Jenelle had been so upset following their split that she tried to end her life, at least once. Suicide is a very serious issue and is not the answer to Jenelle’s problem (or anyone else’s for that matter). In fact, many Teen Mom 2 fans are pretty upset about his claims because allegedly, Nathan has no proof that Evans tried to end her life.

“That when Plaintiff sliced her wrists… Plaintiff was taken to a hospital in Horry County where her self-inflicted knife wounds were sutured to stop the profuse bleeding.”

Evans started the custody battle on March 3 when she officially filed for sole custody of Kaiser. Griffith believes he is the better parent to raise their son, because as he points out, Jenelle has emotional issues to deal with before being solely responsible for a child. Evans noted that Nathan is not the most responsible parent to raise their son because he doesn’t have “proper living arrangements,” and she implies he may use some illegal substances, including steroids.

The newest revelation is just another claim in a long custody showdown between Teen Moms 2 stars Jenelle and Nathan. Just a few days ago, Griffith took Evans’ car from the airport parking while she was out of town. He was able to take the car since both Nathan and Jenelle’s name was on the title of the vehicle. When Evans returned and her car was missing, of course, she contacted the police. After she had learned it was Griffith that “stole” her car, she retaliated by pressing charges for larceny. Evans claimed that there were over $1000 worth of clothes and other belongings in the car.

In the end, the judge decided that Nathan has to pay for the belongings ($300), and he’d drop the charges against him. Starcasm speculated that in the deal with the courts, it was rumored that Jenelle’s assault charge may be dropped as well. The once happy couple need to stop fighting with each other over petty things and band together to co-parent their child. Kaiser needs them both to be a happy, adjusted young boy, and it seems like they both are hell-bent on fighting for him; however, neither allegedly spend any quality time with the infant.

Just before revealing Jenelle’s alleged suicide attempt, Nathan revealed that Evans has had a history in the past with alcohol and drug abuse. Griffith claims that he doesn’t want her to disappear out of their son’s life; he just wants to ensure Kaiser is safe, fed well, and grows up to be a happy and well-adjusted child. He told Radar Online that anytime Evans wanted to see her son, she is more than welcome to see him. The story is still developing as more details emerge about Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith’s custody court case progresses.

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