Lisa Rinna Calls Out Lisa Vanderpump For Calling Her And Eileen Davidson Names In ‘Disgustingly Vile’ Blog

It seems that Lisa Rinna’s peaceful vacation in Mexico with her husband was interrupted by some The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills drama. On Thursday, Rinna, who is currently in Loreto, Mexico, posted a tweet that called Lisa Vanderpump’s latest blog “disgustingly vile.” Rinna added that what Vanderpump wrote was “unacceptable” and that it speaks volumes as to Lisa Rinna’s lack of class.

What may have enraged Rinna more than what Lisa Vanderpump wrote of her was what Lisa V. wrote of Eileen Davidson. Rinna wrote that she was disgusted at how Vanderpump spoke of Eileen, her friend, and that no one should ever speak of her in that way.

What did Lisa Vanderpump write in her blog that has angered Lisa Rinna so much? In her blog, Lisa V. lashed out at Lisa R. and Eileen for how they have treated her this past season. Lisa V. continued to deny Lisa R.’s accusation that she manipulated her to bring up the Munchausen syndrome speculation in regards to Yolanda Foster, and that she tried to drag Kyle Richards into the ensuing Munchausen drama. Lisa V. also made it clear that she thinks that Eileen, still mad over being asked about her affair, is the true manipulator and has pushed Lisa R. to do her dirty work.

Lisa V. reminded viewers of what Lisa R. did last season, using it as proof of someone “who is not playing with a full deck.” Lisa V. even called Lisa R. and Eileen names. She designated Eileen “Soapy” and Lisa R. “Sudsy.”

“We should now revisit and remind ourselves of Amsterdam, how she [Lisa R.] smashes a glass, goes to strangle Kim [Richards], tells her she loves her, then sends ‘f— you up’ texts. These are all the rantings of someone who is not playing with a full deck. So, she turns her attentions to me. She is obviously motivated by Soapy, to funnel her aggression in my direction, ‘Come on LR…attack!’ Soapy in the wings, salivating with LR center stage, trying desperately to deflect from her own actions and Sudsy prompting her.”

Lisa V. also called Lisa R. a “C-list actress.”

“No, as LR has said, I didn’t play the victim. The victim would be better played by a C-list actress who would depart in floods of tears. I sat there.”

Lisa Vanderpump then said that she, now realizing Eileen Davidson’s true character, really should have asked Eileen how it felt to be sleeping with another woman’s husband. Lisa V. added that the fact that Eileen had an affair “speaks volumes.”

“At the time I liked Eileen, found her a little boring and certainly didn’t take her to task for leaving abruptly in the Hamptons, but it was never my intention to hurt her when I mentioned casually ‘the affair.’…With hindsight, after seeing so much nastiness where I have never retaliated, I would have asked her how she felt screwing some other woman’s husband. That actually, in retrospect, speaks volumes.”

Lisa V. gave her opinion that Eileen is driven to bring her down because of guilt over her affair, while Lisa R. is doing Eileen’s bidding because of guilt over publicly bringing up Munchausen in regards to Yolanda.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lisa V. wrote on her previous blog that Eileen and Lisa R. are going after her because they have nothing else to offer as housewives. Lisa V. also seemingly likened Eileen’s pursuance of Lisa R. as her “mouthpiece” to Eileen’s pursuance of her now-husband, Vince Van Patten.

A preview of the season 6 reunion episode shows Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Rinna, with Eileen Davidson sitting right beside her, arguing over the Munchausen accusation. Lisa R. continues to say that Lisa V. called her to tell her to bring up the speculation over Yolanda Foster’s health. When Lisa V. says that she hardly calls Lisa R., Lisa R. whips out her phone record as proof of the phone calls. Shockingly, Lisa R. also says that when Yolanda left her birthday dinner party early, a dinner party during which Lisa V.’s husband, Ken Todd, said that Yolanda, without makeup, looks “horrible,” Lisa V. remarked, “there goes our f**king story line.”

Yolanda, crying, is so shaken and upset over what she just heard that she walks off the set.

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