Lacey Spears: CBS ’48 Hours’ Interviews Salt Mom Over Poisoning Death Of Her 5-Year-Old Boy, Garnett

Lacey Spears, the mommy blogger and convicted killer known as “Salt Mom,” who killed her 5-year-old son, Garnett Spears, two years ago, will tell her own story on Saturday’s 48 Hours on CBS. On the episode entitled, “A Mother Accused,” CBS fans will watch as detectives describe how the case unfolded and how a young mother, who seemed to love her son, was ultimately brought to justice for murdering him with salt.

CBS 48 Hours will take you inside the court room, where prosecutors and defense attorneys battle it out as they present their case to the jury. Be prepared to listen to Lacey Spears give her own account of what happened to her son, Garnett Spears, in a jail house interview. Also, investigator Johnny Coker and clinical psychologist Mary Sanders will give their commentary on the bizarre death case.

Five-year-old Garnett Spears died in a hospital in January, 2014, after spending time on life support. The cause of death was due to salt poisoning, which caused severe swelling of the brain. Hospital officials blamed Lacey Spears of poisoning her own son, and she was arrested and charged with his death. Authorities say the troubled mother wanted sympathy and attention for being a mother with a sick son, a topic that she blogged about extensively on her personal blog and Facebook page, according to Daily Mail.

The story quickly gained national attention. Lacey Spears became one of the most hated mothers in America, since the Casey Anthony case.

In the CBS 48 Hours story, prosecutors will say that Lacey Spears was not a grieving mother who lost her son, instead they painted her as a calculating child killer, who did it for her own personal satisfaction. Lacey Spears states in the interview that she loved Garnett with all of her heart and would never do anything to hurt him, let alone kill him.

Spears said she fed her son through a feeding tube inserted into his stomach since birth because he refused to eat any food and wouldn’t gain weight. Prosecutors alleged that she used the tube to keep the boy sick, and then researched and planned exactly how she was going to kill him. For her, table salt seemed to be the poison of choice, believing that she wouldn’t be caught. Investigators say they tracked down around 20 different medical facilities that saw Garnett Spears over the past five years of his life and were convinced that Lacey Spears suffered from a case of Munchausen syndrome by proxy. WebMD gives this definition of the syndrome.

“Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP) is a mental health problem in which a caregiver makes up or causes an illness or injury in a person under his or her care, such as a child, an elderly adult, or a person who has a disability. Because vulnerable people are the victims, MSBP is a form of child abuse or elder abuse.”

Lacey Spears says she misses her son and feels sad that she’ll never have the chance to see him grow up. She blames the hospital doctors who know for sure how her little boy’s system became flooded with salt.

A judge sentenced Lacey Spears to 20-years-to-life in prison, according to LoHud. Watch Lacey Spears and Garnett Spears’ story on the next 48 Hours this Saturday, April 9 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. In a previous report on the Lacy Spears case, an ex-friend says she witnessed some of Spears’ abusive behavior.

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