‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7 Sees Stefan In Trouble, Hopes For Steroline

The Vampire Diaries Season 7 continues on Friday night, with Stefan in trouble inside the destroyed Phoenix Stone. In a recent interview with Julie Plec and Paul Wesley, they teased the danger but renewed hope for Steroline fans (sorry, Klaroline fans).

TV Guide spoke to actor Wesley and Vampire Diaries showrunner Plec to find out what was in store for Wesley’s character, Stefan Salvatore. Just before the mini hiatus in March, Stefan was marked by Rayna’s blade and forced to go on the run. Last week, Damon backed out of transferring the mark (although did agree in the last minute), and it ended in Stefan’s death. Valerie would have been able to get him out if only it was not for a dying Mary Louise and freshly marked Nora to destroy the stone and kill themselves.


Fans instantly wanted to know what this meant for Stefan. Is this like when “the other side” collapsed and Bonnie and Damon found themselves trapped in a prison world? For Wesley, it means the chance to do more acting. He will be trapped inside his own hell, similarly to the way Ian Somerhalder had the episode where Damon relieved the Civil War over and over again. Despite knowing what happened on the outside, Stefan will not initially realize where he is and will need to work out what is going on.

Plec confirmed that Stefan will be in a unique position. For the first time on The Vampire Diaries, he will be vulnerable and feel alone. However, Wesley did confirm that fans will see him survive.

This is not just a major episode for Stefan. Plec said that it is a turning point for Damon. While the elder Salvatore brother accepted that he now needs to help his brother, he did not fully accept that all of this was his fault. During this week’s episode, he will accept that and it will play on his mind.

In the meantime, Valerie and Alaric will surprisingly work with Rayna to get Stefan back. Rayna had explained that she did not want to kill Stefan, but it was her duty. She had grown to like Stefan as a person and a vampire.

As for Wesley, he has also had the chance to play another character very different to Stefan. Another vampire has taken over his body, and he is ready to attack. This will not explain why Matt is so angry at Stefan and what Stefan did in the past, though, which is another storyline Vampire Diaries fans want to understand.

While Klaroline fans want to see a crossover between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, another ship — the Steroline fans — want to see Stefan and Caroline reunite. Wesley has teased that there is hope for this ship. While Stefan walked away to keep Caroline safe and let her have a happier life, Caroline felt abandoned and heartbroken. There is an episode coming up where this is discussed and potentially resolved, hinting that Stefan will get out of wherever he currently is.

Plec confirms that it will not be as easy for Stefan to reunite with Caroline as Stefan would like. He does not initially understand the hurt and pain he caused Caroline, but she gets the chance to explain how his actions hurt her. He failed to discuss things with the one person who mattered in the relationship.

Fans will find out where Stefan is and what his hell is like this week on The Vampire Diaries. The show returns on Friday at 8/7c on the CW.

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