‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Makes Plans, Carly Pleads With Jason, And Anna Scrambles Over The Paul Situation

General Hospital spoilers tease that there are wild moments ahead on Friday’s show. Anna has taken drastic actions to keep Paul from interfering with her plans to track down Carlos, and Carly has approached Jason asking for help. Tracy’s condition is still dire, and Nina seemingly has a plan that involves Franco. Where are things headed in the April 8 episode?

Sonny and Anna made plans to head to Ecuador to find Carlos, but Paul caught on and Anna had to make a bold move. She chloroformed him, and General Hospital spoilers tease that she will have him bound and gagged at her place. Unfortunately, Andre stops by to visit her, and this puts her in a tough spot as she tries to get rid of him.


Carly went to visit Jason to ask him to help Sonny, and she was a bit thrown off to see Sam there in a rather delicate state. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Carly will beg Jason to try to keep Sonny from going after Carlos.

According to SheKnows Soaps, this will spark a heated conversation between Carly and Sam. It seems certain that Sam will want Jason to stay out of the mix when it comes to Sonny and the business while Carly is pushing for her former bestie to get involved. Viewers will have to tune in to see where things head next, but it sounds as if Jason may turn down Carly’s request.

As Sonny prepares to track down Carlos, General Hospital spoilers detail that Michael will step up and say he is going along as well. Soap Central shares that Sonny will work to assure his son that he has things under control, but Michael surely wants a piece of this action in part because Sabrina is involved as well. Will this mob boss let Michael join him on the trip, surely knowing that Carly would go ballistic?

Tracy has been through surgery after another worrisome seizure, and General Hospital spoilers share that her loved ones will be anxious to see progress in her recovery. However, it appears that she will remain unconscious at this point, frustrating Dr. Finn. He is determined to bring back her health, but things do not appear to be progressing according to plan.

There is a bit of action related to Nina on Friday’s episode as well. General Hospital spoiler previews tease that she will be trying to seduce Franco. Things have been a bit complicated between them lately due to her desire to have a baby, and Franco’s resistance to becoming a father. It looks like she is still trying to make some magic happen in that regard, but she will soon be getting a phone call that seemingly brings big news for her. Will it be good or bad news she receives?

Heading into the week of April 11, General Hospital spoilers detail that Sonny will find Carlos while Anna deals with the Paul situation. She is piecing together Paul’s schemes, and he will regain consciousness and tell her that she has lost her mind. Jason and Sam approach Nikolas with an offer that he seemingly has little choice but to accept and later in the week Jason will be letting the Quartermaine family know where things stand with ELQ.

What will happen when Sonny and Carlos finally face one another after all that has happened? Will Tracy be able to recover after this medical crisis? Where do things head next for Jason and Sam? Viewers cannot wait to see where things head next as the chaos continues on General Hospital.

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