Iggy Azalea Takes Off Engagement Ring Amid Nick Young Cheating Scandal

There’s some speculation suggesting that rapper Iggy Azalea has called it quits in her engagement with Nick Young amid the Laker star’s cheating scandal.

Iggy was spotted on Thursday walking around Beverly Hills in a gray tank top, denim shorts, and black shades. But one thing that’s fairly noticeable is the absence of her engagement ring on her ring finger. Could this mean that Nick and Iggy have called off the engagement?

It didn’t look like that was the case when Iggy Azalea was spotted wearing her engagement ring during the iHeartRadio Music Awards on April 3.

She even alluded to her upcoming wedding when she talked about Demi Lovato’s romance with Wilmer Valderrama, saying, “I really want to be her bridesmaid. I want us to, like, have a whole wedding thing together. I want her to get married.”

But that, of course, doesn’t confirm that the romance between Iggy and Nick was not on rocky territory at the time. So much can happen in just a few days, especially considering the nature of the controversial video that leaked in late March.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that Iggy had taken the engagement ring off and just forgot to put it on again before she made her stroll in Beverly Hils. But barring that possibility, it’s odd that Iggy would choose to not put it on while out in public considering the scrutiny she’s under amid Nick Young’s cheating controversy. Was Iggy trying to make a statement, or are we just getting paranoid?

On March 24, a video of Nick Young talking about his romantic tryst with a 19-year-old woman was leaked on YouTube. The video was taken by his teammate D’Angelo Russell. After the video was leaked, Russell was criticized heavily for his actions. Russell apologized for recording the video, but by then, of course, it was already too late. The damage has already been done.

The incident had caused a rift in the Lakers’ locker room, with Nick and other teammates ignoring D’Angelo every chance they get. In a game where trust is essential in order to win, D’Angelo’s actions are damaging to the team’s chemistry and group dynamics, which is why it’s not in the least surprising that fans at Staples Center have started booing him since the leaked video went its rounds on the internet.

Iggy, for her part, played it coy in social media, tweeting, “hmmm i see D Angelo Russell is trending… I actually liked his film. Thanks bro.”

Iggy recently made an appearance on Ellen, which is scheduled to air today. In the interview, Azalea insisted that the drama existed only on the internet and not in real life.

“That’s a beautiful ring by the way and you’re engaged to a Laker?” DeGeneres asked.

“Yes,” replied Iggy.

Ellen then asked her whether there is controversy.

“Of course there is. There always is. But we’re good,” the 25-year-old rapper replied. “There isn’t at home just on the internet.”

“At home you’re good?” pressed Ellen.

“Yeah. We’re good,” Azalea responded.

In the interview, Ellen and Iggy discussed the backlash the rapper received after admitting that she underwent surgery to fix her nose and breasts.

“There was nothing wrong with me,” Azalea explained to DeGeneres. “I think it’s a personal choice and anybody, man or woman, they should be able to make an informed decision and if you want to change something then that’s up to you.”

“I changed my nose and I got boobs, I didn’t have boobs before I just had nipples and now I have breasts. Thought I could use some, that would be a good addition,” she added, laughing.

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