WWE News: Shane McMahon Originally Wanted To Jump Off Titantron At WrestleMania Before Hell In A Cell Drop

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is known for doing a lot of crazy things in his company, but the one man that may top him is his own son, Shane. Being the boss’ son, all Shane had to really do was inherit the fortune of his father’s company and help to run it as an executive. He could do all the business needed and feel no problem there. Instead, Shane’s love of pro-wrestling ended up getting him involved in the world himself.

Shane would go on to have some of the most brutal matches with some very memorable and dangerous spots taken. It truly made everyone work twice as hard, which was tough to do. Shane McMahon always took things up a notch, and often times he would go too far. In his match with Kurt Angle, both men note how they went too far in the match and how they both got hurt during it.

Knowing that Shane McMahon was coming back, everyone assumed a few different things would happen with Shane. He would either do a very dangerous move and live or he would do a very dangerous move and die. There was no safety spot in there, as we all knew Shane would do something crazy for WrestleMania 32, and he did not disappoint. Shane O’Mac jumped off Hell in a Cell, something no one had done since Mick Foley.

image via WWE
Image via WWE

Interestingly enough, the cell is higher than it used to be. This only made Shane’s spot that much more impressive, as even Foley did not take that high of a bump, and that man is a walking example of hardcore. There were reports that WWE was practicing a big move for Shane to do at the event, and most thought that the HIAC spot was it. However, there were other plans originally.

According to Cageside Seats, Shane wanted to fall off of the titantron at WrestleMania. The company even practiced the idea with Shane to see if could be done. They of course ended up going with the Hell in a Cell spot instead, but either way the guy was going to take a major bump that would have impressed everyone.

We all expected Shane McMahon to be who we all knew him as, and he did not disappoint us. He gave us the Shane McMahon we all knew and loved, which was great to see. It was reported that Shane was feeling the results of his match backstage after the match concluded. He was said to have vomited at some point backstage, which could have been due to a number of factors. He was also said to have been tenderly walking for a bit.

Shane coast to coast
Image via WWE

However, the next day he was spotted looking fine. The bruise on his face for WWE RAW was actually make-up, so Shane had no noticeable bruise or scar from the match with The Undertaker. Could Shane return for another match down the line? There are rumors stating that it is possible, but it is uncertain if he will any time soon. One rumored idea is that we could see Shane make his in-ring return at WWE SummerSlam later this year.

Of course it is only a rumor for now. If he does return, fans may expect him to take another crazy spot. This is something we cannot get used to seeing from Shane McMahon, who is older than he used to be. He has another career and a family too, so all of the crazy things he used to do have to be done rarely. As for wrestling a match, he is still more than able to do so. It is the spots that will be used a bit less.

[Image via WWE]

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