Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna’s Big Wedding Plans, And What Khloe Thinks About Their Engagement

Now that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are engaged, the hot couple have their sights on planning their wedding, and they intend to plan it big, as reported by Hollywood Life.

It’s not in the least surprising, given the grand gestures of affection and the expensive gifts Rob has showered Blac with since their romance became public knowledge. But it’s heartening to see that the pair are aiming high for their eventual big day.

“Chyna will have at least two dresses on her wedding, both statement pieces,” a source told Hollywood Life, also adding that the soon-to-be bride may already have picked a designer for the dresses.

“Her makeup will be flawless and she will be using all her products,” the source said.

That’s right, Blac already had a beauty line even before Kylie launched her famous Lip Kit. While her makeup line has received less hype when it launched in 2014, Lashed by Blac Chyna is sure to receive a lot of buzz when the time of her wedding with Rob comes around. According to the source, Blac will be wearing her hair in a classic ‘do.

While the insider mentioned that Blac has not picked a location for the wedding yet, he said that the exotic performer has her sights on a location with a warm climate.

“[Blac] Chyna loves the warm weather, so the ceremony will be outside and somewhere in a warm climate,” the source said, adding that she “wants big wedding with all her friends and family, and then a fun party after the ceremony.” E! claims that Blac has already decided on a maid of honor, who is no other than her BFF Amber Rose.

Rob Kardashian is reportedly hitting the gym on a regular basis and following a strict diet in order to lose weight in preparation for the wedding.

“He [Rob] has been seeing a trainer, nutritionist and working out on his own,” the source said. “Rob hasn’t been on any certain diet. The only restrictions he has is what his nutritionist told him to stay away from because of his diabetes. Chyna has been helping him and been pushing him in a supportive way. She also works out with him, so it’s a team effort. Rob loves seeing his clothes get big and looking back on the progress he made.”

A lot of people, mostly from the media, recently noticed Rob Kardashian’s slimmed down physique since he hooked up with Chyna. There are a lot of photos shared on the internet to prove it as well, so it looks like all his hard work is paying off.

Kardashian momager Kris Jenner recently acknowledged that Rob meeting Miss Chyna has certainly helped in turning her son’s life around.

“Rob has been in a really good place for a while,” Kris told ET “He’s on it right now, and he’s engaged [in life]. I love seeing him happy about what he’s doing.”

As seen on the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Rob has gained a lot of weight and battled deep depression for over a year. Mr. Kardashian kept himself from the public eye as a result, and the fact that his last name is Kardashian made the effort of trying to do just that agonizing for the 28-year-old. But since meeting Blac, Rob’s public appearances have become frequent, not to mention that he’s noticeably happier too. In fact, it was reported that Rob and Blac are planning on having a reality show of their own.

While everything seems to be peachy keen between Rob and Blac, Rob’s sister Khloe is reportedly not happy about the pair’s recent engagement.

“Ever since Khloe found out that Rob is dating Blac Chyna, she felt betrayed. This feeling has never changed. After finding out about the engagement, she is furious at the lack of respect,” an insider told People. “Khloe plans on ignoring the news. She is not going to send Rob any well wishes. She is not happy about the engagement, and is not going to pretend that she is.”

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