Dada 5000 Says He ‘Suffered Two Heart Attacks’ And ‘Died’ In Fight Against Kimbo Slice At ‘Bellator 149: Shamrock Vs. Gracie’

If there is one premier MMA event in which the general MMA community will agree had the worst main event fights, it would easily be Bellator 149: Shamrock vs. Gracie. Overly hyped because it featured a third fight between UFC legends, Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie, and a brawl between internet fighting sensations, Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000, Bellator 149 promised much but failed to deliver.

This is definitely true with the Kimbo Slice versus Dada 5000 fight. Prior to meeting in the cage, both Kimbo and Dada built the fight based off of true hatred for each other. According to Kimbo, Dada gained popularity by copying his look, style, and fighting ability. Dada, on the other hand, was not having any of that. Still, their hatred would amplify interest for when they meet in the cage, going as far as comparing testicle sizes along with all the profane insults.

Unfortunately, Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 had one of the worst (or best) fights the MMA community has ever seen. Their fight consisted of almost three rounds of clinching, though it was more like hugging each other to keep standing, while throwing lackluster strikes. Both men were winded by the end of the first round and it became a contest on who could outlast the other. Eventually, Dada 5000 was just so exhausted, the force of air passing across his face from one of Kimbo Slice’s missed punches was enough to make him stagger over.

Apparently, Dada 5000 was suffering from far more than just exhaustion. Recently, Dada took to the internet to let everyone know just how grave his fight against Kimbo Slice was, claiming he “suffered two heart attacks” and that he “died” in the cage, as reported by MMA Junkie.

To be frank, there is no official statement from medical experts on site who say Dada 5000 indeed “suffered two heart attacks” and “died” in the cage. By all means, it could simply be Dada trying to hype himself back up, utilizing his unfortunate and embarrassing loss to Kimbo Slice, as a means to stay in the limelight. Yet the fact that Dada did suffer from both heart and kidney, primarily renal, failure might actually be enough circumstantial proof to back up Dada 5000’s claim. Dada did spend three weeks in the hospital to recover, which is much longer than the almost two weeks which were previously reported.

It should also be noted that the frightening incident may have attributed to Dada 5000’s unlikeliness to return to MMA action. Mike Vazquez, Dada 5000’s manager, made it known that despite Bellator MMA’s right to offer Dada another fight, he will most likely not fight again. As for why he fought Kimbo Slice, Dada claims it is a fight that “had to happen.”

“It’s pretty much safe to say Dada will not be getting back into a ring, unless it’s to help his friends.”

Dada 5000 will provide more details about his fight against Kimbo Slice at Bellator 149: Shamrock vs. Gracie, as he makes an appearance on the Dan LeBatard Show. He is also in discussions to appear on MMA Junkie Radio.

[Image via Dada 5000’s Official Facebook Page]

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