‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Chris Hardwick Reveals Who He Thinks Negan Killed

The Walking Dead Season 6 finale may be over but that’s not going to stop fans everywhere from talking about that shocking last scene where Negan bashed in the head of one member of Rick’s group, killing them, but who? Only a select few know, and Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick isn’t one of them.

According to ComicBook, Chris Hardwick claims he has no idea who Negan killed during The Walking Dead Season 6 finale. In fact, he’s speculating about who he thinks met Lucille in the finale just like the rest of us. So, who does Chris think was killed?

It looks like Chris Hardwick agrees with what seems to be the majority of fans who think it was poor Glenn. “I can’t help but think it’s Glenn. I don’t know how it could be anyone else, but I don’t know. I don’t know.”

The Walking Dead spoilers: Did Negan kill Glenn?
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Of course, in The Walking Dead comic book series it is Glenn Rhee whom Negan kills with his trusty baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire that he lovingly calls Lucille. However, many fans disagree with the thought that Glenn is going to live out his comic book fate on the series.

There are many theories about who might have been killed off on The Walking Dead, but three names are coming up more than any others and those people are fan favorite character Glenn, of course, as well as Daryl, who is arguably the most popular character on the show even though he’s not been getting much screen time as of late, and Abraham, who had a very emotional episode.

Those who believe it was Glenn who died during the Season 6 finale have plenty of evidence to back it up. Glenn is the one Negan kills in the graphic novels; he’s been dodging death left and right for years, The Walking Dead has been foreshadowing his death pretty much since Season 1, and we love him, which makes it shocking and sad for fans.

For those who believe Daryl Dixon is the one on the way out, there is little reasoning behind the theory other than to completely stun fans of the show. Daryl is not in the comic book series, so fans only know what the series has revealed about him, and it’s not much other than he’s had a rough life and his childhood was very difficult. Daryl could do anything at anytime, including die, and there would be no comic book story line to compare it to.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Who did Negan kill?
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Meanwhile, many fans are thinking that it was Abraham who was on the receiving end of Negan’s bat during The Walking Dead Season 6 finale. Abraham had a very emotional episode with Sasha, basically making plans to live a long and happy life together like Glenn and Maggie. Abe even made peace with his close friend Eugene, and the two men shared one of the nicest moments in the show’s history. Does this mean Abraham is doomed? When Negan came near him with the bat he didn’t look scared. He looked the villain in the eye and stood tall. Could this have angered Negan and made him choose Abraham?

At this point it could have been anyone who died on The Walking Dead, and fans will just have to wait until Season 7 airs in October to officially find out what really happened. However, while Chris Hardwick claims to know nothing, he’s a great source whom fans trust, so we might need to be very worried about poor Glenn!

What are your thoughts on the latest Walking Dead spoilers? Do you think Chris Hardwick’s right and Negan killed Glenn in the Season 6 finale?

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