‘Bates Motel’ Freddie Highmore Reveals Season 5 Will Happen [Spoilers]

Bates Motel was on a hiatus this week and will return on April 11; however, the break didn’t shut down the fans from speculating what could be next on the A&E hit physiological thriller. Freddie Highmore, the actor who portrays Norman Bates, talked about Season 5, and who might be his next victim, in a candid interview with Hey U Guys.

Freddie Highmore has quickly become America’s (and beyond) favorite psycho. He became a murderer that fans can still root for somehow. He is in a rare class with Dexter Morgan and Hannibal Lecter, and even so, he never disappoints his fans with his extraordinary talent and leaves us wanting more Norman Bates after each episode. As the season is nearly half over, fans are already feeling the panic settling in, as they prepare to live without Bates Motel for at least six months.

Bates Motel spoilers have teased for quite some time that the show would come back for another season, and may end after Season 5 — with the possibility of becoming a movie franchise. Highmore implied that Season 5 was a given and teased that his biggest rival in Season 4 will be Sheriff Alex Romero (Nestor Carbonell), reported Christian Post.

We now know we’re doing five seasons of the show and that’s sort of official. We’re now sort of racing towards an end point that the writers have established. Which is incredibly exciting and there’s no holding back now. I always sort of say that every season is the best but it really is the case on this one.

Freddie revealed that not only will he have a major role on the show as Norman, but he also added a new role to his resume — script writer. Highmore assisted the writers and even wrote a whole episode of the show. He says he feels lucky to be able to explore that creative aspect of the business. His episode will air in three weeks.

“I feel very lucky that I was allowed to be part of the writing team this season. I went out and spent some time with them out in the writers’ room in L.A. I then ended up writing the eighth episode so feel very lucky. Everyone was incredibly welcoming and they wanted to hear my ideas.”

Freddie Highmore reveals that no matter what happens in Bates Motel storylines, the show is ultimately a love story between Norman and Norma (Vera Farmiga). Highmore noted that Sheriff Romero made himself a target of Norman’s when he married Norma Bates — even if the marriage was to help him get the treatment he needed. In the end, Norman will declare war on Romero, and it could be the end of the handsome, and often shady, sheriff.

“It’s the most intimate we ever get to see Norman and Norma and there’s an inevitability of their relationship, an inevitability that they have to be together and an inevitability their romance ultimately being the biggest romance on the show.”

Highmore explains that Norman will try to be a better person and not kill, but it starts to consume him, and he eventually falls back to his killing ways. Norman Bates wants to be a better person because he adores his mother, and believes she is the best person he’s ever met. To complicate their relationship, Sheriff Romero comes in and falls in love with his mother, which infuriates the young boy. Norman will wage war against Alex in hopes he can win back his mother’s love and attention. In the end, Norma will have to decide whom she wants in her life — Norman or Alex.

“There’s certainly an attempt from Norman this season to try and get better. But of course he’s Norman Bates so there are people he’s going to kill this season but there’s always this side of him of always trying to do the right thing and doing what he thinks is best.”

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