How Taylor Swift Is Spreading The Love These Days

Taylor Swift reportedly went on a romantic date with her boyfriend on Wednesday amid rumors of a possible meltdown. Just two days before, Inquisitr ran an article about the signs of the little more than one-year relationship being on the rocks. The article cited the tepid interaction between Taylor and her British boyfriend, Calvin Harris, on the occasion of the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

As it turned out, the lovebirds were probably either just tired or stressed out on awards night. Harris forgot to thank Taylor Swift on stage when clinching an award for himself. While someone from the paparazzi had observed that Harris hardly smiled during the entire stretch of the awards night, the hug that the two would give each other later spoke to millions of Taylor Swift fans. A picture does paint a thousand words.

For many fans, it’s such great news that the Taylor-Harris tandem is still going strong. After all, this is the longest Swift has been in a relationship. Has she really, finally found true love? It’s every Taylor Swift fan’s wish. A People article on the couple’s Wednesday date presents another opportunity to let the pictures do the talking.

The couple reportedly had dinner at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, California. And yes, they held hands as the singer beheld her beau with adoring eyes. Now, flash back to when Swift spent the night out with Harris, when People reported the singer was “channeling out her inner Pretty Woman.”

Does anyone see something that wasn’t there before? Apparently not. On the contrary, it looks like all the signs are there with nary an ingredient missing. Love is definitely in the air, with no fairy dust required. And the Pretty Woman in this case, just can’t contain how she feels that these days, she just ends up spreading the love with everyone that comes her way.

That is how Swift’s Apple Music commercial helps rappers Drake and Future in a big, big way. As Forbes reports, “Taylor Swift’s Apple Music Commercial Spurred A 431 percent Jump In Sales For Drake.” Of course, Taylor hasn’t actually smashed her face on the treadmill.

And as the source continues, “That figure likely represents tens of thousands of downloads of a song that has already been available for six months, which means that Taylor is helping introduce the track to audiences that weren’t already familiar with it, which is a very valuable gift.”

Gone, too, is all that animosity from when Apple Music initially refused to pay artist royalties during the consumer trials for the company’s music streaming service, which Forbes reported about on June 22, 2015. Instead, in its place, is a special bond between the singer and the company. This could be compared to Beauty and The Beast, as the company and the beautiful star make up after that strongly-worded memo Taylor Swift handed out to executives at Apple in June last year.

The only thing missing is a report regarding exactly how much it cost Apple, paying all those royalties, even if doing so was definitely a step in the right direction. Haven’t heard any thank you’s yet from Swift’s fellow artists or Drake, in particular. But it doesn’t look like Taylor Swift did it all expecting anything in return. What a big heart.

Still, the absence of verbalized thank you’s doesn’t necessarily mean that the brotherhood of musicians forgets. And yes, all is well that ends well. Taylor’s actions are enough to convince everyone that she is one to spread the love these days. What else can anyone expect when the cup is full? This is how Taylor Swift fans know that true love has indeed arrived for the Pop Princess.

Perhaps, this is thinking too far down the road. But if the princess ever gets into trouble, will her Prince Charming save her? No one knows for sure. But, it’s likely that if the situation were reversed, Taylor Swift would come to the rescue.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

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