Madonna Lands In London To Talk Custody Of Rocco With Guy Ritchie

Madonna has touched down in London for the next chapter of negotiations in the custody battle for her son with Guy Ritchie, Rocco Ritchie. Madonna is returning to London to make sure that Rocco is back in school after Ritchie and wife Jacqui Ainsley took all of their kids to the Maldives for the Easter holiday. It is alleged that Madonna has not seen Rocco in person since he left her tour to go live with his father Guy Ritchie back in December.

According to the Inquisitr, Guy Ritchie has been enjoying a low-key vacation in the Maldives with all of his children. Ritchie thought that Rocco in particular needed to get away from London, and the stress of the custody battle.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the main reason Madonna is in London is to make sure that son Rocco actually goes back to school following his family trip to the Maldives. Madonna is allegedly concerned that Rocco has been out of school for too long, yet he missed a great deal of school following her around the world on tour, so it seems unlikely that getting Rocco back into school is the whole purpose of her trip.

An insider has explained that Madonna is making a special trip to London because she is concerned about Rocco’s education, and wants to walk him back into school herself.

“She has said she is prepared to fly over to London when Rocco gets back and take him to school herself. Madonna is concerned Rocco is going to be missing so much school. She wants Rocco to relax but his education is very important.”

People Magazine says that Madonna touched down in Heathrow early on Wednesday in preparation for a long overdue meeting with her son Rocco Ritchie. For the time being, the court has given Rocco permission to continue living with Guy Ritchie while Madonna and Guy Ritchie work out the details of Rocco’s custody. The former couple has been instructed to work out the details for Rocco’s custody themselves before the court steps in and does it for them.

The U.K. high court judge ruled last month that the custody case must be determined in the U.S. court. The next hearing in the matter of Madonna v Guy Ritchie will be held in New York on June 1.

Hello! says that now that Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour is over, she is putting her full attention into making sure that Rocco is okay, and verifying that he is back in school, even if it is in London. The magazine said that Madonna looked like she meant business, dressed in all black with dark sunglasses as she walked through Heathrow.

Madonna shared her excitement about finally being able to visit with Rocco on Instagram with a selfie she tagged, “YES! Good things are coming!”

Judges in England and New York have urged Madonna and Guy Ritchie to work something out, as Rocco’s time as a child is fleeting. Rocco Ritchie is currently 15 years old, and the judges were obviously suggesting that at 18, Rocco will be able to make all of his own decisions.

Do you think that Madonna and Guy Ritchie will be able to work out custody arrangements for Rocco outside of court?

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