Justin Bieber ‘Purpose’ Tour Meltdown: Ellen Degeneres Staging Alleged Intervention?

Despite having made tremendous improvements following years of bad press, Justin Bieber is in desperate need of some psychological help, Ellen Degeneres allegedly believes.

The talk-show host, who is known to be very good friends with Bieber, is said to be concerned for the singer’s well-being after having abruptly canceled all of his Purpose meet-and-greet sessions, stressing that they were “too exhausting and draining.”

Justin stated at the time that the cancellation was solely down to feeling the pressure in constantly needing to live up to his role model status, knowing very well that he is bound to make mistakes in his life. He apologized to fans that already bought their tickets, but the experience was rather depressing for him and consequently wasn’t worth the hassle.

But that’s not all. During a show in Los Angeles last month, Justin was said to have rushed off stage so that a member of the production team could pour an entire bottle of cold water over his head. It was later revealed that on this same night, Justin didn’t close the show with a farewell message. He simply walked backstage and also decided to cancel what was planned to have been the final meet-and-greet.

All of this chaos seems to be worrying Ellen Degeneres, so much that she thinks Justin Bieber could use some help. “Ellen wants to stage a kind of intervention for Justin,” a source gushed to Life & Style, adding that she fears Justin might be heading down the wrong path.

Last year, it was heavily reported that Bieber’s comeback album was very difficult for the singer to promote, especially since he didn’t think people would forgive his past actions. Having rebuilt his formerly tainted image, Justin is giving off clear signs that the workload mixed with the pressure of making his fans proud is evidently going to lead to his downfall.

Ellen “[wants] to help him before he does something really stupid,” the source then went on to add, as HollywoodLife adds by saying that the success of Bieber’s latest album has definitely taken its toll on the “Sorry” singer’s life.

“Justin is exhausted. He’s on the go 24/7, overwhelmed with having to give perfect performances and is completely sleep deprived. The lack of sleep causes anxiety and it’s a vicious cycle. Justin feels like he always has to be on for everyone and it’s just taking a toll.”

Fans have already wondered whether or not Justin Bieber will be able to continue the grueling schedule he has planned in order to complete the world tour, which has yet to start its European leg.

All of the drama regarding Justin’s well-being comes just weeks after reports alleged that Bieber has been attempting to reconcile with ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. The Biebs posted a photo of himself and Gomez on his Instagram page, leading fans to believe he is hoping to rekindle his relationship with the “Hands to Myself” hitmaker, who was seen at one of Justin’s shows in Los Angeles just two weeks ago.

If Justin Bieber is said to be struggling with his tour that much, do you think he’s mentally strong enough to get through it? Furthermore, do you agree with Ellen’s supposed decision in wanting her pal to seek therapeutic help?

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