‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers, Wilmer Valderrama Checks In Tonight To Grey-Sloan

Tonight on Grey’s Anatomy, Wilmer Valderrama will join the cast for a multi-episode arc as an MS patient named Kyle Diaz. But since it is Grey’s Anatomy, there are storms brewing elsewhere for April and Jackson. As the season winds down on Grey’s Anatomy, the cliffhangers for the entire cast are starting to form, and fans are wondering how things will work out.

According to the Inquisitr, the big mystery that was coming to a head after the winter break on Grey’s Anatomy was about Nathan Riggs and Owen Hunt, and why the two hated each other. Fans of Grey’s Anatomy now know that it is about Owen’s sister’s death or disappearance (we still don’t know which), and which one of them is responsible. It seems for now, the two have agreed to disagree, but there is still some serious tension amongst the hunks of Grey’s Anatomy.

Design & Trend is reporting that Wilmer Valderrama’s character on Grey’s Anatomy, Kyle Diaz, will be called out by Amelia for flirting with the female staff. She tells him to focus on what the doctors have to say, and his recovery, rather than their appearance. Wilmer Valderrama’s character, Kyle, is a musician with MS who has been suffering from increased hand tremors. This problem has made it impossible for him to play his instruments, and so he has come to Grey-Sloan in search of help.

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that this part on Grey’s Anatomy, a drama, rather than a comedy, is a new turn for Wilmer Valderrama, known mostly for That 70s Show. Valderrama says that he enjoys the different rhythms that are comedy and drama, like that of Grey’s Anatomy.

“I fell in love with a different tone. I like finding humor within drama formats, and I like high-concept stuff too.”

Valderrama says that he was approached for the Grey’s Anatomy part by the Shondaland producers, as they had him in mind to play Kyle Diaz. Valderrama thought it would be a lighter dramatic role for him, and fairly light for Grey’s Anatomy.

“They saw me in it, and I read it and thought it was fun — it wasn’t as heavy as the other stuff I’ve been doing.”

Valderrama with his role as Kyle Diaz will also provide at least a flirtation for Grey’s Anatomy‘s resident Stephanie, as he hones in on her with his attention. Fans will be seeing Valderrama in other dramatic roles after his arc on Grey’s Anatomy is over.

According to Bustle, the big drama that will be unveiled tonight on Grey’s Anatomy is the one between April and Jackson over the delayed disclosure of her pregnancy, and Catherine Avery’s, Jackson’s mother’s, interest in making this a legal matter by way of a lawsuit. Fans know that Grey’s Anatomy has taken some dramatic liberties with certain situations, but how realistic is it for a lawsuit to be pursued in this situation? Bustle asked a lawyer, Carol Rider, for thoughts on this storyline for this season of Grey’s Anatomy.

The foundation for a lawsuit, per Catherine Avery, would be on the basis of fraud, according to last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

“She legally committed fraud… Now we can go after her.”

But Rider’s thoughts, as a lawyer, and as a fan of Grey’s Anatomy is as follows. Can Jackson and Catherine Avery sue April, sure, but should they, and do they have any chance of winning? That is a different matter. In real life, Rider believes, this would be a tough one.

“So, in the Grey’s example, Jackson must prove that April omitted a material fact — her pregnancy — that caused him loss or caused her gain.”

Rider says that people sue for the oddest of things, so the storyline on Grey’s Anatomy is not unrealistic, but seeing it through for the long haul likely is silly, as being divorced doesn’t mean that Jackson will not have access to his child. The bottom line is that it makes good copy for Grey’s Anatomy, but in real life, it seems like a waste of time and energy for everyone involved.

Will you be watching Grey’s Anatomy tonight?

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