Mickey Rourke: Donald Trump Is ‘The Biggest Scumbag On The Earth’ [Video]

Mickey Rourke and Donald Trump are two celebrities you don’t often see together, even in the same sentence, and the former is fine with that. In a recent rant, the Expendables star had some choice words about the Republican presidential hopeful and his wife.

Trump is proving to be the “anti-politician” most people love to hate, as the media and real estate mogul began his bid for the presidency with what was considered a blanket statement against Mexicans. Known Hispanic celebrities such as Salma Hayek and Pitbull slammed back, with the latter telling the Donald to “watch out for El Chapo,” a notorious drug kingpin from Mexico.


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Also much like Mickey Rourke, Donald Trump has angered women across the United States. In a period when diversity and equal pay are hounding Hollywood to change its ways, partly thanks to Jennifer Lawrence’s open letter, Trump had commented on his interview with Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly. He had stated she was likely having feminine problems, cutting her down in a way that would get most people fired. His more recent statement about punishing women for getting abortions only fueled the sexism fire.

Some still believe that Trump is simply speaking his mind and making mistakes, and he makes solid points in spite of the way he says them. Behind the insults and poor choice of words, he appears to have a fearless love for saying what’s on his mind and dealing with the consequences later, something that Republican voters seem to respect him for.

A similar candidate who dropped out, neurosurgeon Ben Carson, was Mickey Rourke’s favorite, nearly mirroring many of Donald Trump’s ideas. However, during a public appearance in Iowa, Trump may have lost supporters when he went on a rant about Carson’s admission to a violent past, asking why anyone would support a man like that and insulting Iowa’s voters.

Ben Carson forgave Trump for his words, even though he likely lost some of the respect he had for the mogul. Reportedly, Carson has continued to endorse “the Donald.”

Mickey Rourke doesn’t feel anywhere near the same sentiment toward Donald Trump, having aired his feelings for TMZ, much to the amusement of his baseball-tossing buddy.

“Before I throw out this first pitch, I just wanna say that the biggest scumbag on the Earth is that maggot with an f in front of it, Donald Trump. F**k him; f**k the horse he rode in on … I think that his wife is one of the biggest [gold-diggers] around. How could you sleep next to that flabby, fat piece of s**t and get your rocks off? Motherf**ker’s gotta have millions sticking out of his a**hole. I mean, you’ve gotta go to bed with that every night? You’ve gotta be a [gold-digger].”

It seemed clear that Rourke was going for proverbial gold himself, comedy-wise, and not afraid to channel his inner boxer for some low blows. Later in the video, Mickey Rourke slammed Donald Trump over what Melania had said to defend her husband publicly.

“Donald Trump can go f**k himself. His wife said, ‘Well he’s a tough guy.’ He’s not a tough guy. He’s a bully and he’s a b***h, and he can suck my f**king d**k.”

Do you agree with Mickey Rourke’s public rant on Donald Trump?

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