‘Sherlock’ Season 4 Finally Starts Shooting, Will Tom Hiddleston Join The Cast?

After a long wait, the cast of Sherlock are back, and have started shooting Season 4 of the popular series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. It has been two years since Season 3 of Sherlock wrapped, and fans have been awaiting any hints of signs that production was back underway. Mark Gatiss, co-creator of Sherlock, and the actor who plays Mycroft Holmes announced it with the words, “The game is afoot!”

According to the Inquisitr, actor Benedict Cumberbatch is ready to devote his time and attention back to being Sherlock, now that he has wrapped Doctor Strange in New York. Benedict Cumberbatch thrilled Marvel fans by showing up, in full Doctor Strange costume, at the JHU comic book store, posing for photos and signing autographs. Even in a city that can be so jaded, fans were thrilled to see Cumberbatch casually shopping, and taking his time with fans dressed as Doctor Strange.

Vanity Fair excitedly reported that the game is truly afoot for the shooting of the new season of Sherlock, as the cast is back together in London. And there is news leaking out about Season 4 that should be of interest to Sherlock fans. For the first time, a woman will be directing episodes of the show. Rachel Talalay, who has most recently has directed Doctor Who and The Flash, will be directing the first episode of the season, and the cast of Sherlock is excited to introduce a female perspective to the series.

The limited number of Sherlock episodes has kept the series fresh, but it also keeps fans wanting more. Add to that the busy schedules of stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, and even getting four episodes of Sherlock out for BBC/PBS is a challenge. But co-creator Steven Moffat believes there is an upside to the limited number of episodes of Sherlock.

“Here we have a show that doesn’t really age, because it doesn’t get a chance to. Even though it’s been around for five years, it’s not exhausted.”

Bustle discussed the possibility of actor Tom Hiddleston joining the cast of Sherlock as the third Holmes brother. A third Holmes brother does not exist in the Sherlock Holmes books written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but he was invented later by a Holmes scholar. The third Holmes brother is named Sherrinford Holmes, and it is being suggested that he will be played in Season 4 of Sherlock by actor Tom Hiddleston.

Sherlock has never been a show known for adding actors with hot names to the series, or as guests, but Tom Hiddleston would be huge for fans of Sherlock and fans of Hiddleston. Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch are friends even off the set of Sherlock, and fun fact, Tumblr calls the two Cuddles, according to Bustle. The only confirmation anyone has been able to get about Hiddleston joining the cast of Sherlock is Steven Moffat saying, “We’ll see!”

The Telegraph is saying that Benedict Cumberbatch is an excited at Sherlock fans for the new season of Sherlock. Cumberbatch also says one of the new challenges for season four of Sherlock will be parenthood for Watson.

“I can’t wait for everyone to see season four. But you will have to wait… though not for long… And it will be worth it.”

This season of Sherlock will include three feature-length episodes, which will be enough at least to whet the appetite of Sherlock fans everywhere.

Are you a fan of Sherlock? Do you think Tom Hiddleston will be joining the cast of Sherlock for Season 4?

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