Kim Fields’ Husband Christopher Has A Theory About Kenya Moore And Gay Rumors

Kim Fields has been very proud of her husband, who handled himself well when he learned that Kenya Moore had been spreading rumors and lies about him on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya claimed that many people had been talking about Christopher Morgan’s sexuality since he has been working in Hollywood, but during the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, Moore couldn’t produce any names. Kim was furious about the rumors about her husband, so she wanted to set the record straight. And now Morgan is speaking out about the rumors.

According to a new Bravo report, Kim Fields‘ husband is now sharing his thoughts about the whole gay rumor and he admits that he’s proud of the way Fields handled the situation. Morgan explains that he would have handled the situation differently and he would have been ready to fight back.

“I’m glad my Jesus STAYED with Kim!” Chris told the Daily Dish, sharing that he is very happy that his wife has been able to handle the situation, adding that it wouldn’t have been the same with him. “I’d have laughed, and then I’d blow verbal holes in them! I enjoy a good smack talk!”

Fields was shocked when she learned about the rumors and her husband, Chris, was supposedly even more shocked. It doesn’t sound like these gay rumors are something that he has been bothered with in the past and he seemed very shocked that Kenya would be bringing them up. And Morgan is convinced that she lied about the rumors to get attention and perhaps rattle Kim Fields on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“I was surprised that she lied so blatantly. I dismissed whatever crap had come up like anyone does when someone says something about them that is so untrue, it was surprising to hear someone try to corroborate the story when they don’t know me at all,” Kim Fields’ husband said, adding, “People said all kinda stuff about me when Kim and I got together because they didn’t know me. It didn’t bother me then and it doesn’t now.”

During the reunion, Morgan kept asking Kenya to tell him who the people from Hollywood were that kept spreading rumors about him. But she couldn’t offer up any names, but did say that the rumors had been around for years. She claims that people were calling him “Chrissy,” but he said that he doesn’t care about people he don’t know.

“You can’t have a widespread rumor about somebody the world doesn’t know yet!?” he said, revealing, “The more people see me, the less rumors will exist.” And he is convinced that Kenya’s negative feelings towards Fields had something to do with her bringing up the rumors. It wasn’t so much to hurt Morgan but more to rattle Kim.

Of course, Moore was upset with Fields because she didn’t want to work with her as a producer. It is clear that Kenya wanted Kim’s experience, and when she didn’t get it, she had no problem spreading rumors about her husband to cause some trouble. Kim has revealed how she felt after hearing Kenya’s apology on the reunion, and she isn’t impressed.

“It was as ridiculous as its source. Agreed with Andy, it was crappy,” Kim Fields has revealed to Bravo, adding about her time after the reunion, “Laughed and joked with my husband about the absurdities, then prepped for the Black History Month Chapel I was the Chairperson for at Sebastian’s school (which was the next morning), editing videos on African-American Explorers. BTW, I truly appreciate all the support the #RHOA fans and Bravo media has given me on #DWTS!!!”

What do you think about the way Kim Fields handled the rumors?

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