Charlie Sheen: Actor Being Investigated By LAPD, Ex-Fiancee Claims She Has Been Threatened By Sheen

Detectives from LAPD’s elite stalking unit have placed Charlie Sheen in their crosshairs. According to police, Charlie Sheen is a suspect in a crime that was reported back on March, 31. Officers did not say what type of crime Sheen is being investigated for or who filed the initial police report. It has been stated that police have gathered enough evidence for them to acquire a search warrant.

Even though police would not comment on the record about the investigation of Sheen, an unidentified officer stated that the investigation is due to Sheen threatening Scottine Ross, Charlie’s former fiancee. Scottine Ross is formerly an actress in adult movies. Ross worked under the name of Brett Rossi while making the adult films.

Scottine filed a lawsuit against Sheen in which she claims that Sheen exposed her to HIV without her knowledge. Ross has also come out and spoke about how she was treated by Sheen while the two dated from 2013 to 2014. She claims that Sheen hit her, kicked her, held an unloaded gun to her head, forced her to get an abortion, and exposed her to HIV. She also claims that Sheen went back on a deal that he made with her, where he would pay her $1 million if she stayed quiet about Sheen having HIV.

Sheen’s attorney, Martin Singer, commented about the lawsuit filed against his client.

“Charlie Sheen intends to vigorously defend the lawsuit filed by Brett Rossi a/k/a Scottine Ross. We are confident that Mr. Sheen will prevail in this action and also will recover significant damages against her in connection with a pending arbitration that was commenced months ago.”

A key piece of evidence against Sheen is a recording where Sheen is heard threatening the life of his former fiancee. Police were able to obtain the recording from Radar Online after serving them with a subpoena. A censored snippet of Sheen’s recording can be found below. Police also received other documents pertaining to Sheen and his former fiancee.

“This piece of s**t needs to be f**king buried. I can’t be f**king extorted… It’s called treason. You know what treason is? It’s punishable by death. I’d rather spend 20 grand to have her head kicked in.”

Dylan Howard, the editor in chief of The National Enquirer and editorial director of Radar Online, believes that the way police obtained the recording was not done in a legal way.

“We believe the search warrant is illegal and violates federal and state law prohibiting the use of search warrants against media companies who are reporting news and information.”

Along with the recording, the document that police received from Radar Online may be even more damaging to Sheen than the recording. In the document, Ross talks about how Sheen abused her and she heard him threaten the lives of his ex-wife and his children.

“Ross stated that during the time she resided with Sheen she endured domestic violence, physical assaults and death threats. Ross reported that on several occasions Sheen had brandished firearms at her and threatened her life. Ross stated that she did not report the violence and abuse at the time the incidents occurred, as she feared for her safety and was under Sheen’s control. Ross stated that she witnessed Sheen threatened to kill his former wife Denise Richards and their children’s lives.”

According to her attorney, Ross takes the threats against her by Sheen very seriously.

Do you think the evidence against Charlie Sheen will be enough to put the actor in jail?

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