‘The Originals’ Season 3 Spoilers: Klaus Chooses Cami, Hayley Over Caroline?

The last episode of The Originals Season 3, titled “Behind the Black Horizon,” sees the directorial debut of Joseph Morgan (Klaus Mikaelson) in the hit The CW series. In a recent interview, the actor opened up about the women in Klaus’ life—Caroline, Cami, Hayley, Aurora—and what fans can expect in the coming episodes.

In an interview with TV Line, Morgan admitted that Klaus’ love life, both in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, can be a tad bit messy. He explained while the fans, writers and even the actors themselves were rooting for different pairings, there may not be one single person destined for Klaus after all.

Morgan pointed out that in the entire course of Klaus being on both The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, he was only able to keep a relationship going on for a quite some time, only to move on to a different girl.

“There’s not one woman that Klaus is like, ‘That’s who I love! It’s definitely her above everyone else!'”

In the event that a showdown between Aurora (Rebecca Breeds) and Cami (Leah Pipes) will happen sometime in The Originals Season 3, Joseph admitted that it will put Klaus in a very difficult and awkward position. He explained that up to this point, Klaus still cannot make up his mind since he has strong feelings for the both of them.

“He seems incapable of making a decision about it. Perhaps deep down he realizes he doesn’t deserve to be with either of them, or with anyone,” he said.

While Aurora appealed to Klaus for her dark and crazy side, Cami, on the other hand, turns Klaus into a much better person. Joseph Morgan explained that there is no one like Cami who brings out the best in his character.

Meanwhile, when asked about Klaus’ relationship with Caroline (Candice Accola), Joseph shared that he was extremely pleased with how the writers were able to tie the pieces together, especially following The Vampire Diaries crossover.

“I thought it was handled so beautifully by the writers, and I especially liked the reference to the children. I thought that was a lovely thing to reference. I was very happy with it. I know some people were and some people weren’t, but for me, I think it was handled extremely well,” he said.

In a separate interview with TV Line, The Originals executive producer Michael Narducci speculated that The Vampire Diaries writers wanted Klaus to move on from Caroline based on the recent episode.

When Klaus and Stefan (Paul Wesley) were speaking on the cemetery, the TVD star told Klaus that he would rather never see him again, pointing out that each time he appears, he brings several problems with him. Klaus then said that as long as he treats Caroline well, Stefan will never have to worry about him again.

Narducci explained that while Klaus had Caroline’s best interests at heart, that does not mean that he has fully moved on from her.

“To me, if you still love someone and you know someone else is with them, you’re not wishing them well and saying, ‘Take good care of her.’ It’s impossible for him not to hate Stefan in that moment — unless he’s willing to let Caroline move on.”

According to Carter Matt, there is definitely a possibility that Klaus and Caroline’s story can be explored further in the coming episodes of The Originals Season 3. It is, however, noted that due to Candice King’s pregnancy her appearance may be somewhat limited. The outlet also pointed out that Klaus also had to deal with a lot of his own problems for the time being.

Do you think Klaus and Caroline will eventually end up together in The Originals? Or is he better off with Cami or Hayley? Let us what you think in the comments below.

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