‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason And Sam Discuss Next Steps, Carly Asks For A Favor, And Kristina Confronts Alexis

Things have been heating up this week on General Hospital and spoilers tease that there is plenty more drama on the way. Jason and Sam finally got intimate after a violent encounter at Wyndemere with Nikolas, and “JaSam” fans are thrilled to see these two reconnecting like this. Where are things headed on Thursday’s show?

Fans went wild over seeing Jason and Sam get so close again and everybody hopes there is more of this intimacy on the way. General Hospital spoilers via We Love Soaps share that they will have some serious discussion in the next episode about where they head now. Previews show Jason asking Sam if she has any regrets.


Sam wanted to start fresh in her relationship with Jason, so will she have any regrets over hitting the sheets with him? Fans have a hunch that they will both be pretty happy to have reconnected like this, and General Hospital viewers hope there is more where that came from.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, General Hospital spoilers detail that Ava will be freaking out over the latest “gift” left for her. She made a deal with Scott that would have him protecting her, but he doesn’t seem to be doing a very good job at it. It sounds as if Ava may be filling Julian in on the new gift she received during this next episode and he will not be happy about it.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that there will be quite a bit of action related to Paul in this next episode. Anna will be crossing his path, seemingly angling to stop him in the midst of something. In addition, Julian tracks him down and says they need to discuss something. Will this be related to protecting Ava? Teasers also share that Carly will be having a talk with Paul during Thursday’s show, as she apparently is worried for Sonny’s safety.

Sonny and Anna have formed quite the partnership over their desire to track down Carlos. General Hospital spoilers note that he will be chatting with her during this next episode, apparently giving her a bit of a hard time about looking for trouble.

There is a bit of action related to Alexis and Kristina during Thursday’s show as well. As viewers saw, Alexis tracked down Parker and ended up having a very informative talk with her. Parker then told Kristina about the talk, and General Hospital spoilers detail that the mother-and-daughter duo will be talking through all of this. Can they patch things up and come together again?

As the week continues, General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central tease that Carly will ask Jason for some help, but Sam will not be happy to hear the request. Will Carly be trying to pull Jason back into the business in order to protect Sonny? Jason’s “Stone Cold” side just came out as he was protecting Sam from Nikolas and it wouldn’t surprise many if a reconnection with Sonny and the mob business popped up next. Will Jason agree to help Carly though?

There is clearly a big showdown coming soon related to Carlos and viewers are anxious to see some of these loose ends wrapped up at last. What comes next for Jason and Sam? Can Hayden/Rachel and Nikolas find a way to resolve their intense distrust for one another? Fans can’t wait to see what comes next as the drama continues on General Hospital.

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