Janet Jackson Pregnant? She Might Already Have A Daughter

Is Janet Jackson pregnant? Word on the street is that she’s planning to have a baby. But can Jackson become pregnant at her age and condition? Here’s the information.

Essentially, everyone has gathered that Janet Jackson is assumed pregnant from the message she delivered to her Twitter followers. Jackson stated that she and her husband had suddenly found out valuable information as it pertains to her future family. According to People, due to the change, Janet has decided to postpone her Unbreakable World Tour.

As a technicality, Janet Jackson didn’t exactly state that she’s pregnant. This is understandable mass speculation, as mentioned by Fox News. However, Jackson’s doctor did tell her that its necessary that she gets adequate rest, according to Parade. Janet isn’t as young as she used to be, even though she’s the youngest of the Jackson family. Pregnant or not, she turns 50 years of age in May.

While Janet turns 50 and may possibly be pregnant, there’s rumor that this isn’t her first child. According to The Reel Network, when Janet Jackson was a teenager, there was a rumor she was pregnant then. However, instead of announcing that Jackson was pregnant, it was covered up, reports the source. Supposedly, Janet gave her alleged daughter to her eldest sister, Rebbie. In the midst of Jackson’s teenage pregnant rumors, the source mentions that Janet denied the allegations that she had a child.

Likewise, the source also mentions that Jackson possibly has other children as well — a son named Omar and another daughter named Renee. However, when Janet was supposedly pregnant with both of those children, she denied the allegations as well.

Yet, recently — even before the most recent pregnant rumors — her alleged first child was said to have come forth. The source mentions that, for years, Jackson’s “daughter” had been existing under the name of “Stevanna Jackson.” Before the rumors came out that Janet is pregnant, the celebrity news source expressed as follows.

“Recently, someone claimed to have spoken with Jackson’s actual daughter. They said that the girl, who has been passing as Stevanna Jackson, her niece, has graduated with her masters from Harvard and that she spoke to the actual girl who revealed that her family covered up the fact that she was Jackson’s daughter.”

However, Janet’s situation gets stickier. There are even more rumors surrounding the story of Stevanna. Instead of Janet being pregnant with this particular Jackson family member, other sources believe that she is the daughter of Janet’s brother, Randy.

Yet Janet has a unique look. Even while presumably pregnant, she looks the same. But this woman also has Janet’s appearance. What are the chances?

All in all, Janet Jackson plans to resume the Unbreakable World Tour after everything is handled and resolved. And if she is indeed pregnant, that means “after child birth and recovery.” If she’s not pregnant, due to her recent surgery, it still means that she has to rest regardless.

According to another People magazine article, it was presumed that she had cancer. However, Janet Jackson confirmed that she didn’t have cancer and was given a clean bill of health, says the source.

So, is Janet Jackson pregnant? That’s left to speculation until Janet specifically confirms the pregnant rumor. Nevertheless, what are your thoughts about her rumors? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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