Russian ‘Skywalker’ Video Is More About Boobs Than Bravery [Video]

This is the breast video you’ll see all day (sorry, we had to make at least one boob-related pun).

A “dizzying” video depicting a young Russian woman bravely “skywalking” on a thin beam sticking out of the side of one of Moscow’s high-rise apartment buildings. At least, that’s what you would be watching if your point-of-view wasn’t buried in this buxom Bolshevik’s bra. In any case, the young woman performs the stunt without the aid of a harness or safety net, walks hands-free with a head-camera filming the impressive stunt.

Still, the video is only half death-defying stunt. The other half… well… you’ll see.

Like you might expect, YouTubers are pretty much only concentrating on the raunchy half of the short clip’s content. “Nice view from up there. Of her huge boobs,” writes one commenter. “Not sure I would trust my life to Soviet-era concrete. Boobs are nice, though. Thanks, RT, you know what sells,” writes another. At least we got some post-Cold War commentary there. “So that’s the way my feet would look if i was a big breasted girl,” wrote one of the more clever viewers.

This trend of “skywalking,” basically finding something tall and dangerous to walk across without a harness, is catching in Russia, according to the Huffington Post. “The astonishing feat is an example of skywalking, a growing trend in Russia, in which photographers scale hard-to-reach heights for incredible photo-ops,” wrote one reporter of the phenomenon.

But that’s not important, you want the video of this well-endowed girl risking her life for Internet glory. Here’s the Russian “Skywalker.”

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