Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Divorce: Custody Battle Brewing

Is Kim Kardashian dead? Of course not, but she might feel that way. All signs point toward an upcoming divorce between Kim and her hubby Kanye, and it doesn’t look pretty. Saint and North, the couple’s adorable children, are at the very center of the conflict, and blood is already being spilled. Kanye has mentioned that he only used Kim for kids, which is a harsh statement to start things off with.

The 35-year-old Kim is taking her 38-year-old husband and baby daddy Kanye to court, and it looks like it’s going to be a bumpy ride. The super marriage is apparently coming to an end all too soon, following Kim and Kanye’s second wedding anniversary.

Not only are the two getting started for a nasty court feud over the divorce, but they are putting the kids front and center already. North West and Saint West, the toddlers, are going to be a pivotal piece in what is shaping up to be one of the more intense celebrity conflicts of the year.

According to Hollywood Life, Kanye reportedly has so much dirt and nasty info on Kim that things are going to go his way, no problem. Even if the famous rapper is exaggerating a little, as he does sometimes, he certainly isn’t going down without the fight of a lifetime for the custody of his two children.

The Hollywood Gossip reports that a source told InTouch magazine that Kanye isn’t just in it to get out of it and that he wants the kids to be his. West intends to fight for custody of the couple’s two children as well as end his marriage to Kardashian.

Starting things off with fighting words, West is apparently considering taking his kids to Paris for a few months, since he has a home there. Kanye isn’t playing softball either, as he has told Kim that he has tons of dirt on Kim and the Kardashians, so much so that the courts would be “lenient” toward Kanye on the matter of who gets custody of Saint and North.

“He’s told Kim as much, too, and even said he has enough dirt on her to ensure the legal system would be lenient toward him when it came to custody.”

Even though Kanye has made it clear he knows the dirt on Kim, marriage is a two-way street, and Kim isn’t going to keep any secrets if she doesn’t have to. Kardashian got to know her husband pretty well in the last two years, and if it means keeping her kids, she’ll spill every bean in her bag.

The two were clearly in love when they started the marriage, but time changes many things, and West and Kardashian can’t seem to stop fighting. The Kardashian-West household has become something of a divorce war zone and neither Kim nor Kanye can agree on anything at all. Sounds like either divorce or couple’s therapy is well on its way, and it may be too late to try fixing things.

“It’s ironic.They each went into [the marriage] thinking they were going to get exactly what they wanted – and to an extent they did – but then it all backfired.”

Did they each get what they wanted? Kardashian reportedly entered the marriage as a sort of gambit on gaining some fame, and also to get over her previous divorce from ex-husband Kris Humphries.

Kanye, however, had far more hopeful motivation: starting a family. Yep, the superstar rapper got married so he could be a dad. It’s not everyday you hear about superstars getting married for such simple and sensible reasons, but Kanye wasn’t messing around. West just wanted to start a family.

Whatever the reasons for the Kardashian-West marriage, it’s clearly ending in divorce now. All we can hope is that Kim and Kanye find a way to work it out and either stay together or at the very least, keep the kids out of the divorce fireworks.

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