Water-Loving Dog Kira Goes Swimming With Dolphins [Video]

The video of Kira swimming with dolphins in South Africa has to be one of the cutest videos to ever go viral on YouTube. Dogs may still be man’s best friend, but Kira, a black Labrador, and the pod of dolphins have become pretty close pals as well. The dog swimming with dolphins video created by Earth Touch depicts the tail-waving Kira happily swimming amongst the dolphins who are not the least bit afraid of the furry creature.

Kira may be new to online stardom, but she has been hanging out with dolphins for years. Kira lives and works at the Somente Aqua Dolphin Centre in Ponta do Ouro. The water-loving black Labrador holds the title of “dolphin spotter” at the South African dolphin conservation center.

Kira and her human, Noleen Withers, take frequent boat trips looking for dolphins to study, help, and point out to vacationers on boat tours, according to the Daily Mail. Safety at work appears to be a priority for the dolphin swimming dog Kira as she always remembers to put on her life jacket before jetting about the water.

The Somente Aqua Dolphin Centre is a conservation based facility which teaches visitors about sea life while offering dolphin swimming tours and marine tourism opportunities in a responsible and low-impact manner. If you find yourself in the Ponta Do Ouro, Mozambique area of South Africa on a future vacation, you can book a sustainable tour, which includes an educational dolphin interaction. The wild marine mammal programs with dolphin swimming dog Kira also invites visitors to get into the water and experience the fun-loving creatures in their natural habitat.

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