New ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer Doesn’t Have New Footage, But Still Rocks

The new Captain America: Civil War trailer puts the present in perspective. This new Captain America: Civil War trailer shows how the wrenching emotions of friendship can lead to bitter war. Neither Captain America nor Iron Man wants war, but neither is willing to compromise their individual perspectives about protecting the greater good.

Don’t expect to see new footage here. Expect to see old footage edited in new ways. Marvel is essentially doing what people on YouTube do when they are hungry for a new trailer but the studio hasn’t released one. By taking old footage and arranging it in new ways, Marvel is showing that they have their ear to the internet. It may also mean Marvel doesn’t want to release anything else before the movie comes out.

Depending on your location, you could get to see the new Captain America as soon as this month, but the official U.S. release date is May 6. If you are lucky enough to get access to the premiere in Los Angeles, you can see Civil War on April 12. In any case, it isn’t long from now. Long awaited superheroes like Black Panther and Spider-Man are joining in, and who knows who else. That is probably why Marvel has to be careful about what new footage they release, so as to not give away more hints to the plot.

Besides the obvious secrecy that Marvel hopes to keep before the film’s release, Chris Evans revealed in an earlier interview with Entertainment Weekly what makes this one different from most Marvel movies.

“In the majority of the Marvel films, it’s clear to understand who’s right and who’s wrong. The first Captain America, Nazis are bad, first Avengers, aliens are no good. This is one of the first movies where it’s a little more parallel to the arguments, I think, we have in life where nobody’s right, nobody’s wrong. It’s just a matter of opinion.”

Besides the new trailer, Jimmy Kimmel will host the stars of Marvel movies all next week. Interviews will include representatives from Team Captain America and Team Iron Man. Doctor Strange actor Benedict Cumberbatch will also premiere the first Doctor Strange trailer, and Thor actor Chris Hemsworth will come by, but it’s doubtful a trailer for Thor: Ragnarok is ready, as the movie doesn’t come out until the end of 2017. Even Marvel TV shows will be represented. Clark Gregg from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will stop by.

Besides the new trailer, a short featurette with the cast discussing the film was also released. In it, the Russo brothers are praised for their directing work by popular cast members. Prepare for a steady helping of twists and turns in the storyline, if their work on Winter Soldier is anything to go on. The Russo brothers have been working on and talking about this movie since early 2014. They were hired to direct Civil War even before Winter Soldier was released, due to great feedback on early screenings of that film.

As Variety spoke about, Marvel will rarely trust directors with a sequel at the outset, often shuffling directors around or dropping them entirely. But Marvel Studios was so impressed with the Russo brothers that they were lined up to direct Captain America: Civil War along with Avengers Infinity War, Part I and Part II. The Russos have basically become top-tier Marvel directors, even though they didn’t have a background directing action films before they came to Marvel.

The Russos were best known for directing the comedy TV series Community, a show more different from Captain America: Civil War than anything you can think of. But Marvel struck gold when taking a chance on them. The very realistic comic book worlds they create have already brought the superheroes in the new Captain America: Civil War trailer to life in the most believable way possible.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney]

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