England Footballer Fabian Delph Claims To Be Visited By Ghosts

England footballer Fabian Delph has made the bizarre claim that he sees ghosts all the time and revealed a few months ago he saw one “carrying a body.”

As claims go it’s quite a big one and perhaps the last thing you’d expect from the mouth of an athlete, who, as a breed, are usually predictably dull and phenomenally pedestrian when it comes to giving interviews.

Claiming to have the sixth sense and being able to see dead people is even a bit beyond the pale, not to mention the grave, for global mega gobs such as Kanye West, never mind sportsmen you’ve probably never heard of.

Yet, Manchester City midfielder Fabian Delph felt it necessary to make the outlandish claim in a question-and-answer session on the club’s YouTube channel with inquisitive supporters.

The 26-year-old was five minutes into the video answering a series of routine questions, when the presenter asks Delph a question about the supernatural poised by one mischievous fan.

“How would you react if you saw a ghost?”

Warming to the theme, a brazen Delph confesses he’s familiar with the supernatural and has already had experience with poltergeists.

“I see ghosts all the time.”

Slightly shellshocked by Delph’s revelation, the presenter stares dumbstruck in disbelief at the footballer who might just be the only medium in the England team.

Sixth Sense
Fabian talks about his encounters beyond the grave. [Photo By Manchester City FC/YouTube]
Her slightly mocking facial expression seems to add fuel to Delph’s fire as he goes on a roll about his encounters with dead folk, and spills the beans quicker than an enthusiastic, but clumsy, chef.

“Genuinely. I think I’ve seen four. When I first signed for Villa I stayed in a hotel and there were a lot of things moving in the room. A lot of bangs – it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

“And about four months ago in my house I saw two ghosts in the bedroom. I haven’t got a clue (who they are). I don’t think they’re there to harm me but I’ve definitely seen them.

“I just stared there with my quilt up. It was just a split second and they were gone.

“The one four months ago, that was actually carrying a body and it went out onto my balcony and disappeared.”

Seemingly unable to compute what she’s hearing, the blonde presenter pulls a disturbed look and, obviously keen to salvage the situation with a little light humor, the producers of the video play the famous clip from the film The Sixth Sense, when the boy whispers “I see dead people.”

Fabian Delph
“Look what’s just been dug up!” [Photo by Tim Boyle/Newsmakers/Getty Images]
Obviously, in most quarters, Delph’s claims have been met with disbelieving glee, especially since ghosts and sporting action do not naturally make for good bedfellows.

Yet, the world of sport does have it’s fair share of ghosts. Take World Series-winning hall of fame pitcher Eddie Plank, for example.

When college professor Peter Stitt and his wife moved into Plank’s former home in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in 1996, the academic claims to be have been haunted by grunting noises and a series of footsteps consistent with a pitcher’s routine.

The noises stopped just shy of the MLB season’s opening day, and were never heard again. In 2005, ESPN columnist Don Barone visited Plank’s old place to try and coax Gettysburg Eddie out of retirement one more time.

With the help of a psychic, a “conversation” was held with Plank, who suggested that the 1914 World Series was a fix.

It’s not known at this time if Plank has ever attempted to contact Fabian Delph, and to what end.

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