Harry Styles Pays For Fans Dinner In LA, Sends Teenage Girls To Heaven

Harry Styles made one superfan so happy she inundated her Twitter timeline with hyperbolic messages after the One Direction singer posed with the teenager and paid for her family dinner.

Sofia, who’s on Twitter as @94alwayshes, started tweeting on Saturday, 2 April, when she realized Harry Styles was in the very same restaurant she and her family were out having dinner.

The young fan said she was “sobbing,” before explaining she couldn’t “believe it happened.”

She then went on to say Harry Styles had paid for her and her family’s meal, before describing her idol as “so nice,” after he spoke to her dad and carried her little sister in his arms.

The manager of the restaurant just came up to our table and told us Harry payed [sic] for our dinner.

Generous womanizer

He may be a player when it comes to relationships, but Harry Styles is more than dedicated to his fans, which he proved again on Saturday in Los Angeles when he took the time to hug and chat with two of his fans.

Sofia fully described her encounter with Harry Styles in a series of overenthusiastic tweets. After posting a dozen times that she had “JUST MET HARRY,” she went into more detail and explained the pop star had also just paid for their meal.

Harry may be on a hiatus from what made him a superstar, namely the band One Direction, but he seems to have grown in popularity even more over the past few months between Los Angeles and London.

Harry Styles’ new activities reportedly include acting, and the star could make his debut in Christopher Nolan’s war film Dunkirk, according to the Daily Mail.

In spite of his busy schedule, Styles still takes the time to be kind to his fans.

One Direction fans across the world get very emotional when they get to meet their idols.
Harry Styles has always been very close to his fans, here pictured in 2014. [Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images]
The same can’t be said for the ladies he’s reportedly been dating, and as usual with the media, it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s pure speculation.

Just this week, Harry was linked to American air hostess Megan Smith, whom he reportedly dated earlier this year while on tour with One Direction, as The Inquisitr reported.

Much speculation is now going on about how Harry Styles’ love relationship with the blonde American and the potential overlap with his supposed New Year flirt with Kendall Jenner, sparking debates as to who was cheated on by Harry and when…

Superfans “life goals”

Recent revelations show just how far some fans are willing to go when it comes to meeting their idols, with Gemma Styles telling tales of how Harry was asked for a selfie at the most inappropriate moment, their grandmother’s funeral, as reported in The Independent.

With that in mind, it’s even more surprising to witness how chill and generous 22-year-old Harry Styles usually is when he is approached by fans, whose ultimate life goal is usually to meet him and get a selfie with the star.

You only need to scroll through a few of Sofia’s tweets to realize how obsessed this generation is with meeting their idols – but again, there’s a fine line between being a supportive fan and obsessively stalking Harry Styles!

Harry Styles fans are heavily invested in their idol's life.
One Direction fans get emotional in Adelaide when Harry Styles arrives for the band’s Australian tour in 2013. [Photo by David Mariuz/Getty Images]
Most of them refer to meeting Harry as their “life goal,” describe how he smells, and call him pet names including “baby” on their social media profiles.

What’s your opinion, are these young fans going too far?

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