John David Duggar Talks Courting In New Video: Has He Found Someone? [Video]

When it comes to the Duggar family, everyone wants to know when they are courting. The Duggars don’t do things like most people and they actually court and take things slow instead of dating random people. John David Duggar is one of the boys that hasn’t moved out and gotten married yet and rumors are always flying he has found love. The Duggar Family Blog shared a new video with John David where he talks about courting and if he has found someone special yet.

In this clip, John David Duggar speaks out about praying for the right girl. He says that one day he will start a family and the right one will come along. John David wants to raise a generation that will be great members of society. Of course, Ben Seewald teases him that he might have someone, but John David won’t admit that he does.

John David Duggar says that he doesn’t have anyone right now, but he is praying about it. It sounds like he is ready to find that perfect person, but it just hasn’t happened quite yet. John David then speaks out saying to keep watching. This has fans curious if he just wasn’t ready to reveal that he found someone or if he is just simply saying it will be on the show someday. He repeated over and over to keep watching the show.

Back in November, Inquisitr shared that the rumors were flying that John David Duggar was courting someone. He was allegedly more than just friends with Tabitha Paine. The truth was that Tabitha was living with the Duggars because she is their live-in tutor. She happens to be the sister of Erin Bates’ husband Chad. At the time, Tabitha shared the details and said they were not courting. Here is what she revealed.

“So glad you asked! It’s easy to assume and few people branch out to find the real answer to questions like these. I have been a live-in tutor to the Duggar children for the past year. Because we don’t do school 24/7 I am able to join in with the family’s work, and fun activities during the weekends and evenings. Hence, the reason why you may see so many pictures! But, I am in no such relationship. I may just be single for the rest of my life.”

People shared that John David Duggar actually could have another job when it comes to courting. His twin sister Jana thinks that he would be a great person to help her find love. She revealed that John David has a lot of wisdom in that area and would be great at finding her someone. She feels like they could both give each other good advice when it comes to finding the perfect person. At the time, John David said he didn’t know what he was looking for besides “the one.”

It would be strange for an entire season of Jill & Jessa: Counting On to happen and there not be a courtship at all. Viewers loved getting to watch Jill and Derick court and then Ben and Jessa. Josiah also had a small courtship with Marjorie, but it didn’t work out for them in the end. So far, nobody is admitting that they are courting, but the rumors are always going to be flying.

Do you think John David Duggar has found someone to start courting? Do you think it will come out on the show? Sound off in the comments section on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Jill & Jessa: Counting On Tuesday nights on TLC.

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