Little Mix On The ‘Disgusting’ Comments People Make Online: ‘What Have I Done To You?’

Little Mix, the British female pop group comprised of members Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Ann Pinnock, Jade Thirlwall, and Jesy Nelson, have been in the news quite a lot lately.

Jesy Nelson was affected by horrible comments made online that often led her to tears. Jesy Nelson is engaged to Rixton’s Jake Roche, which unfortunately led to a swarm of unkind comments from so-called fans online. According to Just Jared, The Little Mix performer admitted that she used to be frequently in tears over the comments because she hadn’t expected people to be so cruel.

Jesy Nelson spoke on how she felt about what happened.

“It used to make me cry. I was shocked at the time. I was a young girl and I thought, ‘What have I done to you? Why do you have to be mean to me?’ I’m not a nasty person and I took it to heart. Some of the things people said were disgusting. It really affected me.”

She went on to speak about what Little Mix means to her, saying that she and her group mates simply love what they do and are frequently amazed that they get to experience everything together. She admitted that she and the other Little Mix members are part of a rare group of people who get to see different things every day.

Speaking of the relationship between the Little Mix members, Jesy admitted that people don’t tend to believe them when they say they don’t argue, but went on to insist that it’s true, and that it’s almost like they’re “addicted” to each other.

“We genuinely get on so well, and even though we’re in each other’s pockets, we never argue – and no one believes us, but even when we get done with work for the day, we still want to have sleepovers. It’s like we’re addicted to each other.”

Things haven’t always been so smooth for Little Mix though, and there was a time when the group members weren’t sure of their future and whether they were even good enough to continue in the music industry. According to Sugar Scape, the making of their third album Get Weird was one of the most intense and draining experiences Little Mix had as a group.

This was a very strenuous process that had the girls scrap each potential Little Mix hit one by one and redo it over and over.

Jesy Nelson spoke on how much the process affected them.

“We got stuck in a rut. The album wasn’t good enough. It took us a year, locked in a tiny room, to write it. It was horrid, we cried so much. There was one song we wrote seven different choruses for and it still wasn’t right. Leigh-Anne is the most positive person in the group and even she was getting down. We hit rock bottom.”

Luckily for Little Mix fans, things have improved considerably since those trying days. According to Liverpool Echo, Little Mix received a good luck message from a waiter during a lunch out before a show.

The girls ate out at Browns in the city center just before a performance. After spending more than $60 on their meal, the Little Mix girls received a “thank you and break a leg” message from the waiter they had tipped.

Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards was recently spotted carrying her Pomeranian, Hatchi, who was sporting a new look that somewhat resembled that of a baby lion. According to Daily Mail, Perrie is very fond of dogs and she owns two as of now, namely Hatchi and Teddy.

Daily Mail reports that Hatchi used to be co-owned by her ex-fiancée Zayn Malik, who used to be a part of British boy band One Direction. Hatchi joined the tour alongside Little Mix and seems to be loved by the rest of the girls and the touring crew. It looks like Perrie isn’t going to let her canine companions out of her sight, and given how cute they are, not many people would blame her.

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