A Sequel To ‘Galaxy Quest’ Was Going To Shoot This Year, And Then Something Bad Happened

When it comes to cult classics, fans love them and really hope that remakes are never made of them to ruin what is there. The hope is always there for a sequel but with the original cast, so it at least has a chance of being good. One of those cult movies is Galaxy Quest, and fans will understand the love. Sam Rockwell, Guy Fleegman himself, just revealed that a sequel was about to be made, but then something really bad happened.

The ensemble cast of Galaxy Quest is hard to be matched in any film from any generation. Rockwell was joined by Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shalhoub, Enrico Colantoni, Daryl Mitchell, Justin Long, and Missi Pyle.

It’s hilarious, touching, intelligent, and just a great film that pokes fun at the sci-fi genre (mostly Star Trek) while also embracing it.

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For years, fans have been wanting a sequel of Galaxy Quest, but one just never happened. While that may be hard to take, it may be even harder now knowing that it was as close as possible to being made, but then something terrible happened.

Sam Rockwell spoke with the Nerdist Podcast and revealed the fact that Amazon was actually working on having a sequel made. It would have brought the entire original cast together, and it was actually supposed to be shooting right at this very moment.

Unfortunately, 2016 has not been kind so far.

“They were going to do a sequel on Amazon and we were ready to sign up for, and you know, Alan Rickman passed away and Tim Allen wasn’t available, he has a show, and everybody’s show was all weird. We were going to [do] this sequel on Amazon. It was going to shoot like, right now.”

Yes, the untimely and extremely unfortunate death of acting great Alan Rickman in mid-January is essentially what put a halt to the Galaxy Quest sequel.

It’s really hard to blame anyone for not wanting to make it after losing him three months ago to cancer. The film just wouldn’t be the same without him, and there is no way that anyone could possibly replace him as Sir Alexander Dane.

About Tim Allen’s busy schedule, that likely could have eventually been worked around and the shooting of Galaxy Quest 2 could have happened. With Rickman dying, it may be something that never ever actually happens now.

Still, there may end up being some form of Galaxy Quest in the future.

Enrico Colantoni, who played alien leader Mathesar, told TV Line that he has not yet been approached about being a part of the TV series for Galaxy Quest. He’s still hoping that they will ask him to at least do something in it.

“It’s one of those things where I’ll be hurt if they don’t [ask], but relieved at the same time. Because I’m one of the believers that the movie shouldn’t be messed with. There should be no sequel. There should be no TV version. I can’t imagine what the engine will be.

“I am very, very curious [about the premise], but I don’t think, after almost 20 years, I could play that guy again. He’d be older, that’s for sure. That high, shrill voice would definitely be an octave or two lower.”

The Galaxy Quest TV series on Amazon was first announced in April of last year. Not much is known about it, but it landed on Amazon in August, and fans are still anxiously awaiting something to happen with it.

galaxy quest sequel amazon sam rockwell tim allen alan rickman guy fleegman
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Maybe they’ll actually ask Rockwell back for a Guy Fleegman cameo or two or nine.

Galaxy Quest came out on Christmas Day in 1999, and it has already withstood the test of time. Sam Rockwell being on board for the sequel, as well as some of the others, gives hope that it may happen one day. Amazon seemed ready to do it, but will it ever happen without Alan Rickman? Would it even be right to do it now?

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