Amber Rose: Why Her Kim Kardashian Emoji Feud Is Infuriating Kanye West

It has very recently come to light that Amber Rose’s recent (and extremely successful) launch of her MUVAMOJI Emoji line was a product of Amber and Kim Kardashian working together, even though the two women are still feuding with each other. Kanye West, who dated Amber in 2009 and 2010, is not happy about the unlikely partnership, though.

When Amber Rose came out with her emoji application last week, everyone assumed she was taunting Kim Kardashian by blatantly copying the very lucrative emoji venture, Kimoji, that Kim had undertaken a year earlier.

Fans point out that the two emoji sets are very similar in their designs, both revolving around many different likenesses of the emoji line creator’s face conveying different emotions. Both sets also contain a lot of depictions of the same things, including peaches, cell phones, lots of cleavage and even the creator twerking on a stripper pole.

No one thought of the possibility that Kardashian and Rose might have collaborated on MUVAMOJI. After all, the two hate each other, mainly because Amber used to date Kanye West and Kim is now married to him. Kanye is not on good terms with Rose either.

But it was precisely because of Kimye’s extremely rocky history with Amber Rose that Kim chose to help Amber, who is now dating Wiz Khalifa, with her emoji launch, reports Radar Online.

“Kim actually helped Amber Rose launch her own line, MUVAMOJI, because she wanted to have control over the situation. She wanted to make certain that Amber did not include anything in her line that would hurt the Kardashian brand or her husband’s image.”

In other words, Kim wanted to keep watch on Rose’s project for fear she might include content that somehow negatively portrayed her or Kanye.

“Kim knows that Amber has way too much power to cut her loose,” the source elaborated.

“She knows too much dirt on them, so Kim offered Amber to help her launch this as a way to prevent any further damage from happening.”

Could this be Kim’s way of responding to the NSFW tweet Rose sent out a few weeks ago telling the world Kanye likes things put in his butt during sex? It was a pretty personal comment and could be seen as humiliating if true. Kardashian may have seen that Amber Rose does indeed have information that could harm Kim and Kanye and is not afraid to use it, so she made this move in order to appease Rose.

Amber Rose Kim Kardashian emoji venture angers Kanye West
Amber Rose and Kanye West together at 2009’s MTV Music Awards. [Photo by Peter Kramer/AP Images]
In any case, do not take the fact that Kim and Amber are now business partners to mean that they are friends. In fact, if the source that talked to Radar Online is accurate in their details on why Kardashian helped Rose, it is more like Kim is sticking around Amber just to keep watch on her and make sure she doesn’t cause trouble.

Kanye, meanwhile, is furious that his wife and his ex are working together.

“Kim and Amber do speak now and Kanye absolutely hates it,” Radar‘s source said.

Despite Kanye’s distaste for her associate, though, Kim has to stick with Amber to protect the Kimye name, and Amber is not about to stop making emojis. Like Kimoji, MUVAMOJI has been a tremendous financial success since day one, almost immediately shooting up to No. 1 on the iOS App Store and grossing millions of dollars.

Are you digging Amber Rose’s new MOVAMOJI line or do you think it’s a shameless ripoff of Kimoji? Let us know in the comments section.

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