Kevin Costner Takes A Bite Out Of Shark Attack Rumor

Kevin Costner may have had Aquaman-type skills in Waterworld, but he had to reel in some rumors about a shark attack that resulted in a battle to save the life of his wife.

Costner, who is making the media rounds now to promote his new film, Criminal, had a sit-down with Extra’s Renee Bargh to discuss it.

The story, which Costner said is “half right,” was described as a hoax by The Wrap.

“According to German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, Costner and Christine Baumgartner were fishing and snorkeling when a massive ‘monster of a shark’ popped up in front of him. According to a quote he allegedly gave the newspaper, the great white was at least 13 feet to 15 feet long and was quickly swimming toward his wife.”

The story went on to say that Costner went on the offensive.

“Costner started screaming at the shark underwater, and that he told them that the shark’s ‘mouth was wide open as he was swimming towards my wife. I was in panic. I barely made it to shove Christine aside and to hit the shark.'”

Costner, the story said, clobbered the shark.

“After being hit on the nose, the shark reportedly swam away. However, Costner’s reps told TheWrap that the entire story is fake. Even though many newspapers, including such reputable outlets as Stern, T-Online and Focus picked up the story, Costner’s team deemed the reports fraudulent.”

The real story, as Costner told Extra, is much less dramatic, but still scary.

“My wife was on a paddle board with a friend about seven months ago and a big 12-footer came at her about 30 yards off our beach. It came by her about a foot off the side. She said it displaced the water and lifted her… and Christine went in to shore and was just really shaken.”

Costner, however, was not present at the time.

“She told me while I was in London making Criminal… which was really a helpless feeling.”

Costner, 61, is playing a former death row convict in the new action thriller. His costars are Ryan Reynolds, Tommy Lee Jones, and Gary Oldman. He describes his character.

“You see his kind of prison instincts come out, matched with a CIA operative’s abilities, and which ones he decided to use have many different results.”

Costner managed to fit in a comment on the presidential race.

“I find it embarrassing. I find it highly immature. I think America is really teetering at a low point with the way we talk to each other.”

CinemaBlend’s Gabe Toro went to town on the premise of the movie, Criminal.

“This thing is silly. Costner plays a prison inmate who somehow absorbs the memories, secrets and skills of a dead CIA operative. Instead of ignoring this as a dopey contrivance, a weirdly supernatural goof of sorts, the CIA then recruits him. As it turns out, within these memories lies the key to stopping a villain’s devious plot. Also, probably martial arts, because that’s how these things go.”

Toro went on to say that Costner doesn’t seem to fit the part.

“Amusingly, Kevin Costner seems like the least-likely former prison inmate in movie history. Has anyone touched a single golden lock of his hair in his years on this planet? Probably not.”

On the other hand, he admitted that there could be possibilities.

“Maybe this is the Kevin Costner he’s been hiding from all of us, the racist, sexist, obnoxious hateful jerk that’s been hiding inside the baseball-loving All-American stud all along. Probably not, though.”

Cinema Blend took a shot at director Ariel Vroman.

“The hope is he’s developed a funny bone, because you need some sort of wit to pull off a movie like this.”

One never knows what could develop in an action movie. Perhaps there will be sharks.

Criminal premiers in theaters April 14.

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