John Boyega And Daisy Ridley Rap About ‘Star Wars’ Diet

John Boyega and Daisy Ridley have an amazing screen as well as red carpet partnership. So when they broke out in a rap, lamenting their Star Wars diet, the press had a field day trying to record every moment of their musical interlude.

“Daisy was just doing like a rap one day, and I said, ‘You know what? I can make you a big star,” John said according to People Magazine. “So we decided to collaborate on a song together.”

So what when down? As John Boyega put a beat down for Daisy Ridley to groove to, what came out was one-part lamentation of the strictness of their diet and having a tremendous amount of fun on the set of their movie.

One of the lines from the rap was, “we all up in the desert and we doing Star Wars but because of our diet we can’t eat no Mars Bars.”

While their diet during the filming of Star Wars: The Force Awakens was sugar-free, at least it looks like they had plenty of fun in between takes. Nothing like sustained glucose release from fruits and natural foods to keep you through the long days and nights of filming.

Like John, Daisy has a great time interacting with fans in all the events. She recently posted an Instagram picture showcasing her favorite red carpet fan and her experience meeting her.

When John isn’t busy rapping and reminiscing with his co-star, he is dropping unreleased facts about the next movie.

“[Boyega] did mostly just say that the script and Rian Johnson are great, he did drop a pretty exciting nugget; when talking about new things to be excited, he said Kelly Marie Tran is Episode VIII’s ‘new lead,'” reports Hit Fix.

Kelly Marie Trans, according to Hit Fix, has been an actress in Hollywood for five years now, doing smaller movies as well as web series for various online publications. Now, the fans have to wait less than a year to figure out what part she will be playing in the upcoming movie!

There is no one other than John Boyega himself, who is absolutely psyched about the Star Wars trilogy.

“The hardest thing about playing Finn was holding back all the time,” he wrote on his Instagram. “Trying to be led by fear rather than strength was a tricky balance to ride without coming across as the pushover! Everyone expected acrobatics and a fully rogue bada** character. (BORING) heroes are not born in one movie. Wait for the trilogy. Finn ain’t playing no more.

Sounds like he is ready to bust his character open on screen!

But the sweetest thing that the British actor did for his fan was to visit him at a hospital with his Star Wars costume.

“After learning a five-year-old boy, undergoing treatment for brain cancer, had asked to meet him, Boyega ‘jumped’ at the chance to go hang out with him — in character, as Finn,” reports Polygon. The actor visited the boy, named Daniel, and brought along a bunch of toys. Together, he and Daniel spent the day playing with other children in the hospital.”

Even though he is busy with all his responsibilities and obligations, it’s a very thoughtful and cute thing that John did for his youngest fan.

When John and Daisy see kids suffering like this, they probably see that their diet is nothing to complain about.

Daisy Ridley, the newcomer, has blossomed into a beautiful Hollywood lead actress. She has been appearing in all sorts of fashionable events and has even been honored at the Oscar Wilde Awards.

Her humility, sense of humor, and down-to-earth qualities have definitely won the fans over.

[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]

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