NFL Trade Rumors: Tennessee Titans Willing To Trade No. 1 NFL Draft Pick

NFL trade rumors have the Tennessee Titans willing to part with the No. 1 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. These Titans rumors come from a report on Yahoo! Sports which discusses which teams might be interested in making a deal with Tennessee. This furthers a report from Peter King at Sports Illustrated, who stated that there is now a 50-50 chance the pick could be dealt. If the Titans are seriously entertaining the possibility, as many NFL rumors now indicate, the front office might want to have a plan in place if the fans decide to riot.

The list of teams getting mentioned as possible suitors for that No. 1 draft pick now include the Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Rams, and Dallas Cowboys. There are certainly other teams around the league that would also like that pick, including the Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, and Indianapolis Colts, but those franchises may not have the assets to get in a room with the Tennessee Titans. Fans of teams like Jacksonville Jaguars and Green Bay Packers might want to see their teams move up as well, but it is very unlikely.

So why are the Cleveland Browns mentioned in these NFL trade rumors when the team is the No. 2 overall selection? The answer is that Cleveland may have a fear that the Tennessee Titans could trade that draft pick to another team looking to select a player that the Browns want to take. It would be a preemptive move for the Browns, getting made simply to ensure that Cleveland gets an answer at quarterback for the 2016 NFL season and beyond. Potential targets in the 2016 NFL Draft for the Browns include California quarterback Jared Goff and North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz.

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The most interesting team getting mentioned in these NFL draft trade rumors could be the San Francisco 49ers. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Denver Broncos are very interested in acquiring quarterback Colin Kaepernick, but the 49ers don’t have a replacement lined up yet. If San Francisco made a trade with the Titans to acquire the first selection in the 2016 NFL Draft, the front office would then have a choice of any quarterback coming out of college. It would also clear the way to deal Kaepernick and also pay part of his salary. The Broncos would love that.

The Tennessee Titans are already set at quarterback with Marcus Mariota on the roster as a long-term option. Though the team really struggled to win games during the 2015 NFL season with Mariota injured, the future has certainly become brighter in Tennessee. Adding an elite talent with the No. 1 pick would help the roster a lot, but dealing that pick for several good picks could help the front office rebuild the roster a bit quicker. It all comes down to finding the right deal to work with and not trading too far down in the 2016 NFL Draft.

With so many prospects at the quarterback position entering the draft this year, it has become murky which ones that teams prefer the most. This is where smoke screens by rival general managers come into play, as one team could fake interest in a quarterback just to force another team to trade up in the draft order. That’s a position that the Cleveland Browns are in as the team tries to move on from the drama that Johnny Manziel brought to town. But if the Browns are sure the Titans won’t move that first pick, then there is no reason for Cleveland to make a deal.

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There are less than four weeks until the 2016 NFL Draft takes place and things are getting very interesting for fans. With this latest round of NFL rumors about the Tennessee Titans having a willingness to move the No. 1 pick, it could lead to a number of counter-moves by teams drafting in the first round.

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