Kylie Jenner ‘Desperate To Marry Tyga’ Amid Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian Engagement: ‘KUWTK’ Star Jealous?

Following Rob Kardashian’s unexpected engagement to Blac Chyna, Kylie Jenner is reportedly pushing to get Tyga to propose, hoping that she can get a one-up on her never-ending feud with Rob’s soon-to-be wife.

The twosome have been feuding ever since Chyna infamously blamed Jenner for wrecking a happy home and stealing her then-fiancé. Endless subliminal threats were made between the socialites over social media in the past year, letting the public know that neither of them stands on good terms with one another.

Yet almost two years since Chyna and Tyga split, things appear to be looking rather differently now that the former stripper has announced she is set to wed Kylie’s 29-year-old brother, which has infuriated the TV personality so much, she’s rushing to walk down the aisle before Chyna.

“Kylie Jenner’s biggest motivation is to get one up on Tyga’s baby mama, but her friends think she’s crazy to even consider it,” a source explained, as Kylie Jenner is still convinced that Chyna’s romance with Rob is anything but genuine. She’s supposedly just out to hurt the Kardashians, and so far it’s working.

Jenner has reportedly mentioned the idea of getting married to her friends, but as the source mentions, they think it’s too extreme, especially if it’s purely done to make Chyna feel spiteful or jealous — if their feud continues to escalate, who knows what can happen.

The source then added by saying that Tyga is in no position to propose as of right now. Having faced several issues with his rental homes, owing tens of thousands in back payments, along with his music sales doing poorly, and the ongoing cheating allegations always surfacing in the media, marrying Tyga doesn’t seem like a wise move.

The supposed fact that the rapper hasn’t made the move himself should let Kylie Jenner know that Tyga is not necessarily interested in tying the knot with the 18-year-old, fans have stressed on Twitter, puzzled as to why Kylie wants to get married all of a sudden.

“They’ve been together for a while now and she’s stuck by him, even bailing him out financially,” the insider continued. “Kylie feels she’s invested a hell of a lot in him and that it’s time he made things formal or moved on.”

Reports alleging that Kylie Jenner is desperately wanting to marry Tyga come just hours after it was revealed that nobody in the Kardashian family was even aware of Rob’s plans to propose to Chyna apart from Kris Jenner.

The sock designer’s relationship with his sisters has been anything but friendly as of late, as some are already questioning where Rob’s loyalty lies.

Khloe Kardashian has more or less given her brother the cold shoulder, feeling betrayed by his actions, especially since Khloe offered her Calabasas home to the 29-year-old during his darkest times. In suddenly deciding to hook up with Blac Chyna, who has publicly stressed not to like Kylie Jenner, if Rob ends up pulling through with the wedding, the Kardashians’ dynamic is bound to be broken forever.

Kylie Jenner already hasn’t spoken to her brother in weeks, a report alleges, and now that the news has broken that he is set to wed Blac Chyna, the lip kit mogul is sure to seek her revenge against Chyna somehow.

Who do you think will win this one: Blac Chyna or Kylie Jenner?

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