PlayStation 4 Firmware 3.50 Releasing Wednesday With PC Remote Play

Sony announced the PlayStation 4 firmware 3.50 update will be dropping Wednesday. The latest update to the console brings a host of new features, from being able to appear offline to supporting remote play from PC and Mac computers.

Code-named “Musashi,” the newest PS4 update is one of the more feature-rich releases yet for Sony’s console. There are still some missing requested features, such as the ability to create folders to better sort games and apps.

From a social perspective, PlayStation 4 firmware 3.5 allows users to change their status between appearing online or appearing offline. Users can designate if they would like to appear offline when they log-in, or at any time from the “Online Status” option on their profile. Additionally, they can hold down the PS Button the DualShock 4 controller to bring up the Quick Menu, where the same selection can be made.

Users will also be able to select which friends for their PlayStation 4 to notify when they come online. This can be done by selecting an individual from the friends lists, pressing the Options button, and then selecting “Notify When Online.”

PlayStation 4 owners will also be able to schedule an event with friends going forward. This is a way to setup gameplay sessions with friends from the Events tab on the console. Invitees will automatically be added to a part when the date and time of the session come around.

Perhaps the biggest addition with this release, though, is support for remote play from a Windows PC or Mac. Those with a Windows PC will need to use Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Meanwhile, Mac users will need OS X 10.10 or 10.11. Note that Windows 7 is not supported.

There are a few notable limitations with remote play that appear born out of streaming to the PS Vita and PS TV. The resolution playback will reach 720p at the most, with 540p considered to be the default. Framerates of 30fps and 60fps are supported. However, the quality of the bandwidth being used will determine which will work best.

PlayStation4 Remote Play
PlayStation 4 owners can finally appear offline. [Image via Sony]
Those interested in trying out remote will need to download the Remote Play Installer from the PlayStation website. Additionally, a DualShock 4 must be used, and it must be connected to the Windows PC or Mac with a USB cable. Bluetooth is not supported, and it appears that only one controller at a time is supported for now.

It is possible Sony will update remote play between the PlayStation and PC with more features down the line. Microsoft did the same with remote play for the Xbox One. It launched with support for 720p and 30fps before getting an upgrade to support 1080p and 60fps.

For some reason, the PlayStation Blog for Europe provided additional details about the PlayStation 4 firmware 3.50 update that the US version didn’t. For example, the PlayStation Plus Hub will be included in this update to allow PS Plus subscribers to manage their online storage and see which friends also play the same monthly Plus games as them.

The PS4 will also support Teen accounts. This allows teens to create their own accounts and play offline until parents can approve their accounts and complete the parental control setup.

PlayStation4 Remote Play
Choose which friends will create notifications when they come online. [Image via Sony]
The PlayStation App is also being updated to version 3.50 along with the PS4 console. The list of improvements to the mobile app are as follows.

  • User Scheduled Event
    • Users can schedule gameplay sessions with friends
  • Dailymotion has been added to Live from PlayStation
  • Other players’ shared activities appear in your activities

An exact launch time of the PlayStation 4 firmware 3.50 was not announced.

[Image via Sony]

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