Kylie Jenner Interview: Baby Plans Exposed, Cyber Bullying Secrets

Kylie Jenner’s interview with Paper appeared truthful and personal, and that’s just the way Kylie’s fans know her best. During the interview, Jenner explained her social presence, cyber bullying experience, and baby plans.

Kylie Jenner is known for her social presence among peers, as well as by younger teens who aspire to model themselves after the beauty mogul. However, with Kylie’s notoriety, she’s experienced a lot of pain. During her interview, Jenner elaborated on cyber bullying and her particular situations.

Kylie stated that she’s had to consult the advice of other people who were bullied online and had conquered the stressful circumstances of peer pressure. In Jenner’s words, “they really inspire me.” As an elaboration, Kylie mentioned as follows:

“Growing up and being a young teen socialite comes with a lot of negativity and a lot of mean comments and online bullying and I turn to these people who have real issues and have overcome bullying and done something amazing with it and they really inspire me. They make me feel like, ‘Oh wow, they’re going through something much bigger than I could ever imagine’. It’s just amazing how they stay positive and I wanted to share that with my fans and followers.”

Alongside empathizing with her fan base, Jenner has been promoting certain followers’ stories via her social media pages — basically, being a celebrity advocate. To show that she’s down-to-earth with her followers, Kylie Jenner has also met with a few of her loyal fans who have gone through and overcome similar situations. Kylie stated as follows:

“I have met a few of them. I actually met this girl, Lizzie [Velásquez]. She has a disease where she only weighs 60 lbs and she made a movie about her life. I went to her private screening and met her, which was really cool. She’s amazing.”

Given Jenner’s position on cyber bullying, she mentioned that people generally have the wrong perception about her. For the most part, these bullies have ridiculed Kylie for being “super fake,” as the beauty mogul stated. Specifically, after being asked about what’s probably the biggest misconception people have about her, Jenner replied, “Probably that I’m just super fake and that at 16/17, I got my full face reconstructed and that I only care about materialistic things.”

Paper magazine mentions that Time labeled Kylie as one of 30 most influential teens of 2015. While she was bullied for her distinct look, Jenner transformed her social oppression into her own brand, and she’s doing quite well with it. You’ve probably seen Kylie’s cosmetic influence, yes?

Nevertheless, according to Paper‘s interview with Kylie Jenner, she also wants to disappear from social media after she becomes a mother. Kylie mentioned that she doesn’t want to be on the radar any longer. However, you have to imagine the pressure Jenner has been through to remain “perfect” as a teenager — with paparazzi and endorsements always in her face at any and every given moment.

Although it’s possibly helped to shape Kylie into her current, business-savvy persona, it might be understandable that she would want a life away from the cameras — especially to keep Jenner’s own child away from similar pressure that she experienced in her youth.

However, when does Kylie Jenner plan to have her child? Well, according to the interview, Kylie stated that she doesn’t believe in “children after 30.” Jenner mentioned that each of her sisters wanted to have children before their 30s, even though it didn’t happen with her Kardashian sisters. Yet, whenever Kylie does create her own family and disappear from the public’s eye, she wants to have “a big family and a farm,” as Jenner mentioned to Paper. Kylie Jenner on a farm? Okay. Nice way to stay off radar, right?

What are your thoughts about Kylie’s plans? Do you think she’ll have a baby before 30? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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