Greg Hardy Claims He Never Hit Nicole Holder [Video]

The 47 photos of Nicole Holder with bruises, as reported by the Inquisitr, are once again going viral. That’s because Greg Hardy has told ESPN in the below interview video that not only did Greg not hit his ex-girlfriend, Nicole, but Hardy claims he hasn’t put his hands on any woman ever in his life. When the photos of Holder were mentioned, Greg said that he’s not claiming he’s never done anything wrong, but he touted being raised in the Bible belt as the reason he never put his hands on a woman.

Greg didn’t mention anything about the rapper Nelly and his involvement with Nicole, which Holder claims made Hardy crazy with jealousy. The police report, however, claims that Greg was angry at Holder due to a relationship she had with Nelly during the time that Nicole and Greg had broken up.

The victim and suspect have been in an active relationship together since September 2013. On May 13, 2014, at approximately 0418 hours … [Nicole] stated … that [Greg] almost broke her arm. [Nicole] and Mr. Gregory Hardy were in a relationship since last September … they lived together during that time until March when they broke up and she moved out on her own. The victim further stated the suspect had been angry for a while now because [of] a short-lived relationship she had with the entertainer Nelly while they were apart.”

“The victim advised the defendant has been very upset about this since March and often becomes very angry suddenly about it. The victim stated the defendant is on medication for bi-polar disorder and has not been regularly taking his medication.”

The answers that Hardy has given in the ESPN interview are contrary to the police report.

The confusing interview with Hardy shows Greg saying he’s not completely innocent, with some sort of interaction with Nicole being apparent. As the Charlotte Observer put it, Greg Hardy continues to not make sense in latest interview.

The article that explained why Hardy was arrested for assaulting Nicole, as reported by Deadspin,? contained photos of Holder’s bruises on her back and chin and other locations. In fact, it came with a photo gallery that displayed 47 photos of Nicole with various bruises.

While Hardy said that he never put his hands on a woman, Nicole told police that her interactions with Greg made her fear for her own life. Holder told authorities she believed Hardy would kill her, but that Hardy would also not get in trouble for anything — including Greg’s alleged assault of Nicole.

About the bruises seen in the viral photos of Nicole, Holder claimed that they happened when Greg choked her to the point where she simply told Hardy to kill her so she wouldn’t need to kill herself. According to police reports about the incident, Nicole didn’t even have shoes on when she ran to the police.

“I never put my hands on any woman.”

But Hardy’s ESPN interview, as reported by ESPN, with its claims that Greg never touched a woman in an abusive way, is getting plenty of backlash for Hardy. As Greg talked about the incident from 2014 that took place in Charlotte, North Carolina, he did so in a circuitous and confusing manner that is getting Hardy roasted on social media as a result.

Due to the ESPN interview, folks on social media are reacting in ways that range from advising Greg to never do another interview, to those wondering about his mental state.

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