‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Spoilers: What’s Going To Happen Next?

The Walking Dead Season 6 finale is still being debated by fans online and everyone wants to know what happens in Season 7. Who did Negan kill, who else will die, and what happens next?

According to the latest spoilers about The Walking Dead Season 7, there are a few things that seem possible. Of course, the first one is that fans will finally find out who Negan killed in the Season 6 finale. While it could have been any number of characters, the general consensus is that it’s likely Glenn, whom Negan also takes out in the comic book series. (Check out the fan-made scene in which Glenn is the victim in the video below.)

After finding out who Negan’s victim actually was, it will be time to move forward. For many of our favorite characters, that will include grieving the loss of their fallen family member. This death is going to be a big one, and it will impact each member of the group. Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has already confirmed that it was a beloved character who died, so get ready for all the feels when Season 7 rolls around.

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Who did Negan kill?
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ComicBook.com reports that Negan will be a much bigger part of the story now, as actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan is set for some serious screen time. Negan will develop a weird sort of bond or respect for young Carl, as he’ll see himself in the character he called a”future serial killer.” This relationship should be very interesting to see play out as Carl will likely want nothing to do with Negan after witnessing the leader of The Saviors kill someone he loved.

Meanwhile, The Walking Dead Season 7 will seemingly bring another group of survivors in to play. When last we saw Morgan and Carol, they were headed to what fans believe to be The Kingdom. In the comics The Kingdom is a community lead by Ezekiel, an interesting character with a tiger for a pet! Will the group from The Kingdom join forces with Rick’s group and the people from The Hilltop group to take a stand against Negan and The Saviors?

Fansided reports that there are a lot of different comic book storylines that could come into play during Season 7, as well. It seems fans could finally see where The Saviors live, which an old factory full of interesting things with a wall of walkers on spikes to keep unwanted people out.

Maggie may step up as a real leader as well. In The Walking Dead graphic novels, Maggie does have a child, a son named Hershel, and after Glenn dies, she becomes a real force to be reckoned with.

The Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers: Negan's victim, new survivors.
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Meanwhile, Rick and the rest of the group will continue to fight their way through the new world. It is only getting harder for all of them and each passing day seems to bring a new sort of threat to their existence. With Negan now in the story, it seems that nothing will ever be the same for our favorite group of survivors again.

The Walking Dead Season 7 could have a very different feel to it as things are getting darker than ever and spinning out of control. Will Rick regain his warrior state of mind, or be completely broken as he appeared in the Season 6 finale?

Fans are dying to know what the future holds for The Walking Dead, and know they have an agonizingly long wait until October before they’ll find out any real answers.

What are your thoughts on the possibly Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers? What do you want to see happen come October?

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