‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7: Elliot’s Motives Will Be Explored

For those wondering about Elliot’s motives in Pretty Little Liars Season 6, there is no need to worry. During Season 7, his motives will be explored and explained, along with his direct connection to Mary Drake and Cece/Charlotte/Charles.

Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars wrapped last month with a shocking twist. Mrs. DiLaurentis was the one with the identical twin, and that identical twin was a patient at Radley. On top of that, the twin was also the birth mother of Charles/Charlotte DiLaurentis, who also went under the alias Cece Drake. Is it possible that Cece knew about her birth mother and used that alias because of that? It certainly seems possible, considering the final moments between Elliot and Mary.

The Season 6 finale finished with one of the Liars being taken by Uber A/A.D. and Mary and Elliot’s conversation confirming he was in love with Cece. Marlene King had already said the Liars’ new partners could not be trusted, so the twist about Elliot should not have been too surprising. The question is: who is he really, and what is his back story?

King has said that things will move much quicker in Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars. This is expected to be the final season, at least for the storyline surrounding these five girls. Fans will not have to wait too long to find out more about Elliot and why he wanted Alison and the DiLaurentis family as a whole to pay.

Fans will also find out Uber A’s identity, which King has confirmed is not Elliot or Mary. There is someone else out there who wants to know who killed Charlotte and is out to get the Liars.

One of the big questions from Pretty Little Liars fans about Elliot is about his British accent. Is that a major plot point or just something that King decided to throw in. Season 7 will go into that, but there are already theories out there. One of those is that he has a connection to Wren.

Throughout the series’ run, fans were certain that Wren would turn out to be Charles DiLaurentis, or at least connected to Charles in some way. When that turned out to be false, Pretty Little Liars fans continued to look for some sort of connection, and now they may have found it – especially since he was mentioned in a flashback scene between Melissa Hastings and Hanna Marin.

Wren is a British doctor, and it is likely that his credentials are legitimate. Elliot is British and also a doctor — or at least posing as one. It is possible that the two were at medical school together and have developed a plan together. Some fans suggest that Wren is actually Charlotte’s brother and is looking for who killed his sister. There is a lot more backstory to make this plausible, but it certainly works and could be explained on Pretty Little Liars Season 7.

Season 7 filming is now underway. Fans will have to wait until the summer to find out more about Elliot and who he really is. Elliot is likely his real name, although Melty questions that, considering Mary called him Elliot during the final conversation. Now the question is how is he connected to Charlotte?

Fans are also hoping that Pretty Little Liars Season 7 will bring their favorite couples back together. Aria and Ezra hooked up during the finale, and there was a moment between Caleb and Hanna. With Hanna gone, it is possible that Caleb will realize that he really wants to be with her.

No set date has been announced for Pretty Little Liars Season 7, yet.

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