Here Are The TV Show Cancellations In 2016 So Far

This season, former show favorites are not returning to Television. Some have been canceled while others are discontinuing syndication because they have reached the end of the show’s contract. From basic television to cable tv, lots of channels have taken the cancellation hit. Several websites including Popsugar, Metacritic, Collider, Cinemablend, and IMDB, have kept in depth cancellation and renewal scorecards, which are used here as a reference. Here are some of the biggest cancellations of the spring.

The Good Wife (CBS): It’s official. The nighttime drama will come to an end in May 2016 after its seventh season. Although, the show does have the possibility of being resurrected if they can find new producers to run the show.

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Of Kings and Prophets (ABC): This biblical, and historical drama is canceled after two episodes due to low ratings. Premiering Tuesday, March 8, 2016, the show debut to an audience of 2.6 million views. Not enough to sustain the series

Angel From Hell (CBS): The comedy starring actress Jane Lynch had problems from the start. There was a slight delay with the premiere and after a few episodes, the show was canceled after only 9 million views over five episodes.

Person of Interest (CBS): Executive producer J.J. Abrams announced there will be no sixth season for the cop show starring Jim Caviezel. There was a significant drop in viewers once Taraji P. Henson’s character was killed off the show. The cancellation seems to be the end result of that.

Show, the show, season, of the, to low ratings
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Beauty and the Beast (CW): The cop drama has never been a ratings heavy-hitter. Every season has bordered on cancellation but managed to survive. Not this season. This will be the fourth and final season of the series.

Girls (HBO): Lena Dunham’s New York-based show about millennial college students is being discontinued. The show didn’t have to end, but Lena Dunham is ready to let it go. Better to go out with a bang, then to lose to low ratings.

Togetherness (HBO): The Duplass brothers comedy will not be going through with a third season. The series finale on April 10 was the very last episode. The second season showed a swift decline in viewers, and HBO opted to cancel the show.

Rizzoli & Isles (TNT): Show producers on the TNT drama decided it was time to end the show before ratings slumped any further. Viewership has not been very strong since season two but has a dedicated fandom that kept the show going for seven seasons. The final episode of the show will air Summer, 2016.

Mike and Molly (CBS): Melissa McCarthy‘s comedy is coming to an end after its sixth and current season. With each season obtaining fewer views, CBS decided to pull the plug on the long-running comedy.

Show, the show, season, of the, to low ratings
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Unforgettable (A&E): This show has had a tough time while on the air. The show was originally on the CBS network and was canceled by the network after three seasons. The show got a second chance as it was picked up by the A&E network for a fourth season. However, after the fourth season, the show will be officially canceled. A&E has opted now to resuscitate the show for a fifth season.

Royal Pains (USA): May 18 will mark the final episode of the USA network medical drama. The show survived eight seasons on the network, but will be put to rest due to low ratings in its last two seasons.

Episodes (ShowTime): Matt LeBlanc is having a hard time finding his footing again in TV land. The showtime dramedy show will end after the fifth season. The last season will premiere in 2017 and will include a short order of seven episodes. LeBlanc has been speculating the end of the series for some time now. Seems like his speculation was right.

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