Mariah Carey Ignores Dying Sister’s Plea For Help?

Mariah Carey is being accused of ignoring her dying sister’s pleas for help. Mariah is the youngest of three siblings and has been harshly criticized by both for what they say is unsympathetic behavior. Alison, Mariah’s oldest sibling, is 54-years-old and a recovering drug addict. She’s also HIV-positive and suffering from brain damage due to a home invasion last April which included a violent assault.

According to her brother, Morgan Carey, Alison has multiple seizures per day and faces some extremely risky surgeries that could be life-threatening. She’ll require considerable follow-up care including what might be years of physical therapy. With the brain trauma she’s endured, he says she could die at any time. Alison is not the only family member feeling betrayed and abandoned. Morgan says Mariah hasn’t returned texts, phone calls, or emails in quite some time.

“I told Mariah my wife had miscarried and she never even responded to that email either. But that’s typical, because the world has to revolve around Mariah and there is no room in the world apart from her.”

Morgan has also revealed that Alison, in addition to having a significant history with drug abuse, has spent some time in prostitution. He still feels, however, that she deserves a chance, that she deserves the proper care she needs. Morgan says that Alison is taking her HIV medications and attending NA meetings regularly, and is committed to her recovery. Alison had apparently turned to prostitution while raising her four children, but is now completely devoted to continuing her recovery. A recovery she can’t continue properly, he says, without help from her sister.

Alison Carey even made a video to her sister asking for help.

One of the reasons Alison and Morgan claim Mariah’s help is so desperately needed is for childcare costs, but according to her brother, as reported in The Daily Mail, her four children are grown and received trust funds set up for them by their mother. In 2002, when Mariah’s father, Alfred Carey, died, he left Alison $1.6 million and she used that to set up their trust funds. It’s understandable that Mariah might have reservations about giving her sister cash, considering her history. Morgan still feels that that’s not an excuse and that the money can be provided indirectly.

“Look me personally. I’m not going to hand my sister Alison a penny directly, but if I can give money to the person giving her care, I’m going to do it.”

It’s natural there would be concern about putting cash in the hands of a recovering drug addict and former prostitute, but she’s facing some very serious, and expensive, surgeries. Alison has been known to make irresponsible decisions in the past. Still, they say, the money is desperately needed for her to receive medication and necessary treatments. According to The Daily Mail, her medications and treatments are quite expensive, and they’re constantly facing situations where her Medicare has run out.

Morgan has reported that when Alison is not in the hospital, she’s been living in the home of a healthcare provider. Her children haven’t actively participated in her care and Morgan explains that their relationship with their mother has been strained due to her behavior in the past. He says it must be very hard to grow up knowing their mother is a prostitute.

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Mariah’s reps have insisted that Mariah has helped her sister. They claim she’s spent “hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting Alison and her children.” But Morgan Carey says otherwise. He says that Alison has been so in need of care she can’t get, her mental health situation has become critical. He tells of an incident where Alison was even institutionalized after being found in the streets, barefoot and only partially-clothed. Her forgetting to take her medication was part of the problem, further reinforcing Morgan’s claims that Alison needs more assistance.

As of now, Morgan plans to return to New York when he can and help his sister in any way possible. He hopes Mariah will respond to their sister’s desperate pleas for help and says it will be an important step in the family’s healing.

What do you think? Has Mariah helped enough already, or is there no excuse for the wealthy singer to refuse to help her dying sister? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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